3 Cheap Cybersecurity Stocks to Buy ASAP – 6/23

Cyberattacks are only getting worse.

And unfortunately, many government agencies, companies, schools, and millions of people still aren’t prepared for future attacks – meaning we’re all sitting ducks.

Most recently, CDK Global, a company that provides U.S. auto dealers with software for sales management, was shut down for the third day because of new attacks.

“The outage is disrupting roughly 15,000 car sellers that depend on CDK’s dealer management software to run their businesses, including vehicle sales. Some dealership employees have resorted to pen and paper to handle transactions, but said most deals had ground to a halt. CDK has not indicated when its systems will be back up and running, but suggested the outage could last several days,” says CBS News.

While that’s bad news for government agencies, companies, schools, and millions of people, it is good news for cybersecurity stock investors.


Elon’s New A.I. Device is About to Shock the World


Using this device you see above…

Elon Musk just tested a new type of A.I. that according to Wired Magazine will usher in…

“The next step in human evolution.”

device button

Company: Palo Alto Networks (SYM: PANW)

Look at Palo Alto Networks (SYM: PANW), for example.

Up about $8 on the latest cyberattack, it’s also being supported by a recent upgrade. 

D.A. Davidson, for example, just initiated a buy rating on the stock with a price target of $380.

“PANW has best-of-breed cybersecurity technology across Network Security / SASE, Cloud Security, & Security Operations / Endpoint Security, something no other cybersecurity vendor can say,” said the firm, as quoted by CNBC. “While there is room for greater integration within each platform & between each platform, PANW still enables greater vendor consolidation than any other pure play cybersecurity vendor in the market.”

Stansberry Research

What’s Got Musk, Bezos, and Gates So Excited?

Billionaires are plowing millions of dollars into a new technology that early estimates say could generate more wealth than A.I. – and determine the future of companies like Microsoft. The problem? Most investors have no idea it’s happening, or how to profit on it.

This expert just went public with all the details, including which stocks to jump on immediately.

Company: Rapid7 (SYM: RPD)

Or, look at Rapid7 (SYM: RPD).

The cybersecurity stock is also gaining momentum on the latest cyberattacks, as well.  Helping, analysts have a moderate buy rating on the stock with an average price target of $50. 

Better, the company just announced that its Rapid7 AI Engine used by its global security operations center (SOC) teams now includes new generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, transforming the way the company delivers its leading managed detection and response (MDR) services.

Weiss Ratings

Nvidia’s Quiet $1 Trillion Pivot

Nvidia is turning its attention to a new phase of the AI boom. And the world’s leading AI company is leaning on three silent partners to pull it off. These could be the next AI superstars.

Find out details on these three critical Nvidia partners immediately.

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