3 High Yield Dividend Stocks – Week of 12/03

Investing in dividend stocks can be a smart strategy for investors who are looking for a reliable source of income and long-term growth potential. Dividend stocks are especially attractive in a low-interest-rate environment, where traditional fixed-income investments offer lower yields. Additionally, dividend-paying companies tend to be more stable and profitable, making them a more conservative investment option.

Here are three high yield dividend stocks –

Hercules Capital, Inc. – SYM: HTGC
Recent Price: $15.20
Yield: 12.47%
Description: Hercules Capital, Inc. is a business development company. The firm specializing in providing venture debt, debt, senior secured loans, and growth capital to privately held venture capital-backed companies at all stages of development from startups, to expansion stage including select publicly listed companies and select special opportunity lower middle market companies that require additional capital to fund acquisitions, recapitalizations and refinancing and established-stage companies.

The “smart” move is about to cost Americans… big

bubble chart

When interest rates started rising, it was only natural for funds to flow into cash. The slow decline of stocks, bonds and real estate made it the smart move. Well, the “smart” move is about to be the mistake that costs lots of Americans…BIG. Almost every week of 2023, tens of billions in new cash flowed into money market funds and inflated a massive Cash Bubble. When this Cash bubble pops…you do not want to be the last one to get out.

To get ahead of the bubble, watch this presentation before it’s too late.


Recent Price: $12.76
Yield: 9.27%
Description: OUTFRONT leverages the power of technology, location and creativity to connect brands with consumers outside of their homes through one of the largest and most diverse sets of billboard, transit, and mobile assets in North America. Through its technology platform, OUTFRONT will fundamentally change the ways advertisers engage audiences on-the-go.

Move Your Money (Here) before Dec 12

doc 3

If you think the markets are volatile now… wait for Dec 12. Because a critical financial event is rushing toward you. And I recommend preparing immediately using one straightforward step. Anybody who doesn’t is “dancing on a razor’s edge” with their money. Get the full story — for free — including what famous billionaire “Doomsday” investors are doing.

Please, go here before December 12.


Vale S.A. – SYM: VALE
Recent Price: $14.70
Yield: 8.52%
Description: Vale S.A., together with its subsidiaries, produces and sells iron ore and iron ore pellets for use as raw materials in steelmaking in Brazil and internationally. The company operates through Iron Solutions and Energy Transition Materials segments. The Iron Solutions segment produces and extracts iron ore and pellets, manganese, and other ferrous products; and provides related logistic services. The Energy Transition Materials segment produces and extracts nickel used to produce stainless steel, electric vehicles, and metal alloys; and its by-products, such as gold, silver, cobalt, precious metals, platinum, and others, as well as copper used in the construction sector to produce pipes and electrical wires. The company was formerly known as Companhia Vale do Rio Doce and changed its name to Vale S.A. in May 2009. Vale S.A. was founded in 1942 and is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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