3 High Yield Dividend Stocks – Week of 12/10

Investing in dividend stocks can be a smart strategy for investors who are looking for a reliable source of income and long-term growth potential. Dividend stocks are especially attractive in a low-interest-rate environment, where traditional fixed-income investments offer lower yields. Additionally, dividend-paying companies tend to be more stable and profitable, making them a more conservative investment option.

Here are three high yield dividend stocks –

Recent Price: $26.54
Yield: 21.57%
Description: TORM plc, a product tanker company, engages in the transportation of refined oil products and crude oil worldwide. It operates in two operating segments, Tanker and Marine Exhaust. The company transports gasoline, jet fuel, naphtha, and gas oil, as well as dirty petroleum products, such as fuel oil. It also engages in developing and producing advanced and green marine equipment. The company was founded in 1889 and is based in London, the United Kingdom.

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Highwoods Properties, Inc. – SYM: HIW
Recent Price: $21.02
Yield: 9.40%
Description: Highwoods Properties, Inc., headquartered in Raleigh, is a publicly-traded (NYSE:HIW), fully-integrated office real estate investment trust (“REIT”) that owns, develops, acquires, leases and manages properties primarily in the best business districts (BBDs) of Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Nashville, Orlando, Raleigh, Richmond and Tampa. Highwoods is in the work-placemaking business. We believe that by creating environments and experiences where the best and brightest can achieve together what they cannot apart, we can deliver greater value to our customers, their teammates and, in turn, our stakeholders.

See An-E’s stock price predictions of TSLA, NVDA, and AAPL

One of the world’s top financial tech companies recently launched a breakthrough, new A.I. stock predictive system called An-E (pronounced Annie, short for Analytical Engine).

They tested it by tasking it with many thousands of stock predictions… and comparing its forecasts with what actually happened.

And many of those predictions ended up being incredibly accurate, often times either spot on or only a percentage or two off. 

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Pembina Pipeline Corporation – SYM: PBA
Recent Price: $33.32
Yield: 5.75%
Description: Pembina Pipeline Corporation provides energy transportation and midstream services. It operates through three segments: Pipelines, Facilities, and Marketing & New Ventures. The Pipelines segment operates conventional, oil sands and heavy oil, and transmission assets with a transportation capacity of 2.8 millions of barrels of oil equivalent per day, the ground storage capacity of 11 millions of barrels, and rail terminalling capacity of approximately 105 thousands of barrels of oil equivalent per day serving markets and basins across North America. The Facilities segment offers infrastructure that provides customers with natural gas, condensate, and natural gas liquids (NGLs), including ethane, propane, butane, and condensate; and includes 354 thousands of barrels per day of NGL fractionation capacity, 21 millions of barrels of cavern storage capacity, and associated pipeline and rail terminalling facilities. The Marketing & New Ventures segment buys and sells hydrocarbon liquids and natural gas originating in the Western Canadian sedimentary basin and other basins. Pembina Pipeline Corporation was founded in 1954 and is headquartered in Calgary, Canada.

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