3 Obesity Drug Stocks to Buy ASAP – 6/28

New obesity figures were recently announced.

And they’re not so good.

According to the World Health Organization, obesity has more than doubled since 1990. In fact, global adult obesity has more than doubled since 1990, and adolescent obesity has quadrupled. And over 390 million children and adolescents aged five to 19 years were overweight in 2022, including 160 million who were living with obesity.

While that’s not great for millions of obese people around the world, it’s great news for biotech stocks getting caught up in the drug treatment boom.

Company: Eli Lilly (SYM: LLY)

Just look at Eli Lilly (SYM: LLY).

The company is seeing so much demand it’s spending $5.3 billion to make even more Mounjaro and Zepbound. According to The Wall Street Journal, Zepbound alone is generating more than 78,000 prescriptions every week in the U.S. No wonder shares of LLY exploded from a January low of about $580 to $901.26.

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Other top stocks to keep an eye on include:

Company: Viking Therapeutics (SYM: VKTX)

The company reported that the injectable form of its treatment helped patients lose up to 13.1% of their weight after 13 weeks in Phase 2 trials. Then, the company said the tablet form of its treatment led to a weight loss of about 3.3% after 28 days in Phase 1 trials. 

Two, thanks to Viking’s success in obesity drug trials, analysts at BTIG just reiterated a buy rating with a price target of $125 a share.

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Company: Altimmune (SYM: ALT)

Recent Phase 2 results showed that patients lost an average of 15.6% of their body weight at 48 weeks at the highest dose. The study also found that the treatment led to better lean mass preservation as compared to other similar weight loss treatments. 

“Preservation of lean mass, which is primarily muscle tissue, is believed to be important in maintaining healthy weight loss and physical function,” CEO Vipin Garg said in a news release. “We believe that the level of muscle preservation observed in the Phase 2 trial further adds to the differentiation of pemvidutide in the treatment of obesity.”

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