3 Stocks in Takeover Talks – Week of 4/23

Takeover deals can be a signal of positive market sentiment, indicating that the acquiring company is confident in its growth prospects and is willing to invest in expanding its market share. Such deals often lead to an increase in stock prices as they indicate potential value creation and synergies for the acquiring company. Takeover deals may provide an opportunity for investors to capitalize on market inefficiencies and earn profits through arbitrage strategies, such as buying the target company’s stock at a discount to the offer price and profiting from the price convergence upon deal completion.

Here are three takeover targets for the week –

Heliogen, Inc. – SYM: HLGN
Recent Price: $0.27
Takeover Action: Heliogen (HLGN) announced that it has received an unsolicited, non-binding proposal from Continuum Renewables to acquire all of the outstanding shares of common stock of Heliogen for cash consideration of $0.40 per share.
Description: Heliogen, Inc., a renewable energy technology company, operates in decarbonizing industry with concentrated sunlight. Its artificial intelligence enabled modular system delivers renewable energy in the form of heat, power, or hydrogen fuel.


Apartment Investment and Management Company – SYM: AIV
Recent Price: $7.93
Takeover Action: Activist investor Jonathan Litt’s Land & Buildings Investment Management urges real estate investment trust Apartment Investment and Management Co (AIV) to evaluate all potential alternatives including a sale.
Description: Aimco is a Real Estate Investment Trust focused on property development, redevelopment, and various other value-creating investment strategies, targeting the U.S. multifamily market. Aimco’s mission is to make real estate investments where outcomes are enhanced through human capital and substantial value is created for investors, teammates, and the communities in which we operate. Aimco is traded on the New York Stock Exchange as AIV.


ViewRay, Inc. – SYM: VRAY
Recent Price: $1.21
Takeover Action: ViewRay (VRAY) Board of Directors has retained Goldman Sachs and Co. LLC as a financial advisor to undertake an evaluation of strategic alternatives, including a corporate sale, merger, or business combination.
Description: ViewRay, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guided radiation therapy systems to image and treat cancer patients in the United States, Italy, France, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and internationally. It provides MRIdian, which is an MRI guided radiation therapy system that addresses beam distortion, skin toxicity, and other concerns. The company serves university research and teaching hospitals, community hospitals, private practices, government institutions, and freestanding cancer centers through a network of direct sales force and distributors. ViewRay, Inc. was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

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