3 Stocks Insiders are Buying – 7/6

One of the best ways to spot opportunity is by following insiders who put their money where their mouth is. After all, if the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, board member, or director is buying, it’s a good idea to start looking into why.

That’s because they’re typically privy to information on new products, competition, and the operating environment of the firm.  We have to consider that insiders who are buying their stock wouldn’t put up their own money unless they believed the move would be profitable.  Of course, it’s not always wise to base your own buying decisions solely on the actions of insiders.

But it’s a good start if you’re looking for potentially hot opportunities. Here are a few.

Company: Nerdy (SYM: NRDY)

Nerdy (SYM: NRDY) is a platform for live online learning, with a mission to transform the way people learn through technology. The Company’s purpose-built proprietary platform leverages technology, including AI, to connect learners of all ages to experts, delivering superior value on both sides of the network.

While its stock performance is nothing to write home about, insiders are buying. CEO Charles Cohn just bought another 347,275 shares for about $652,877 between $1.83 and $1.95 per share. Helping, earnings haven’t been too shabby.

Stansberry Research

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Company: RE/Max Holdings (SYM: RMAX)

Insiders have been buying RMAX, too.

10% holder Adam Petersen recently bought 60,629 shares at an average price of $8.3096 on June 21. On June 28, he bought 25,680 shares at around $8.2496. And on July 2, he bought another 26,522 shares at around $8.0278. 

RMAX is a good trade idea if you believe we’ll see softer inflation and rate cuts.

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Company: RH (SYM: RH)

After a pullback in the stock, RH CEO Gary Friedman bought 6,955 shares at an average price of $213.6743, followed by 19,161 shares at $215.0784, and 8,084 shares at $215.9598 on June 25. The next day, Friedman continued his investments with 400 shares at $214.4562, 9,575 shares at $219.2883, and concluded with 2,099 shares at $219.8517,” says Investing.com.

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