3 Top Stocks for the Healthcare AI Boom – 6/10

Artificial intelligence (AI) is having a mind-blowing impact on society.

We’re already seeing its impact with education, finance, military, cybersecurity, you name it.

But this is just the start.

Big tech is investing billions in AI. In fact, according to CNBC, AI is now the biggest expense for about half of all tech companies. 

But again, this is just the start.

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According to Next Move Strategy Consulting, the AI market – currently valued at about $100 billion – could grow twenty-fold by 2030 to more than $2 trillion. All while the technology massively disrupts everything about everything.

That includes healthcare and medical technology.

For example, according to analysts over at BlackRock, The greatest surge of new retirees in the nation’s history is fast approaching, and the AI healthcare market, worth $9 billion in 2022, is forecasted to skyrocket to $188 billion in 2031.”

Investing Trends

This CEO sold his first company to Microsoft.

laptop ai

Now he’s quietly building a new AI company that the tech giant is already eyeing.

Microsoft did their due diligence…and they say this AI company’s tech is meeting even their incredibly high bar.

Find out who Microsoft has now vetted.

Look at drug discovery, for example.

At the moment, it can take 10 to 15 years, and upwards of $2 billion to develop a new drug.

Plus, designing new drugs isn’t easy.  

When creating a new drug, you need to identify a molecule that balances a large number of anti-correlated properties, including potency, selectivity, solubility, bioavailability, clearance/half-life, permeability, drug interactions, and synthesizability. 

Even then, drug development has a high failure rate of 90% — which is ridiculously high.

However, with artificial intelligence (AI) the rate of failure could drop, and the design of new drugs could become far easier.  Some of the top stocks to buy and hold on the healthcare AI trend, include Schrodinger (SYM: SDGR), Exscientia (SYM: EXAI), and Recursion Pharmaceuticals (SYM: RXRX).

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