3 Top Ways to Trade an “Obliterating War” – 7/2

Tensions are boiling between Israel and Hezbollah.

For one, according to the Associated Press, The Americans and Europeans are warning the [Hezbollah] group it should not count on the United States or anyone else being able to hold off Israeli leaders if they decide to execute battle-ready plans for an offensive into Lebanon. And Hezbollah should not count on its fighters’ ability to handle whatever would come next.”

Two, Iran is threatening an “obliterating war” if Israel attacks Lebanon. While there’s hope things will cool off before we see a war engulf the full region, tensions are boiling. 

Should we see a bigger war break out, oil prices and related stocks could explode higher.

Company: Exxon Mobil (SYM: XOM)

Look at Exxon Mobil (SYM: XOM).

After slipping from about $122 to $108, Exxon Mobil is just starting to pivot higher again. With summer driving season and the potential for further Middle East conflict, oil giants like XOM could easily push aggressively higher.  Analysts at UBS also just boosted their XOM price target to $154 with a buy rating.

Porter & Co

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What’s going on with Trump’s criminal conviction?

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Company: Occidental Petroleum (SYM: OXY)

Oversold shares of OXY are also just starting to pivot higher.

Helping, Warren Buffett’s firm bought even more. In fact, since June 13, the firm bought another 2.9 million shares for about $173 million. That now means Berkshire holds 255.3 million shares, or about 29% of the company.

As noted by Barron’s, Berkshire paid just under $60 a share for the latest purchases and has paid $60 or less for the round of purchases over nine days so far in June. Berkshire generally has paid under $60 a share for its entire stake.”

Weiss Ratings

We’ve called these Silent Partners before


Weiss Ratings has called the Silent Partners of big tech companies before.

Like Microsoft for example …

We issued a “buy” call on Tyler Technologies, a vital Microsoft partner …

Before it exploded as high as 10,689% …

We did the same with Nvidia, another Microsoft partner …

It’s since soared as much as 21,106%.

Now, they’re doing it again with a new set of Nvidia’s own Silent Partners. Go here now to learn who they are.

Company: Chevron (SYM: CVX)

Oversold shares of CVX are also attempting to push higher after catching support at $150. As we noted with XOM, with summer driving season and the potential for further Middle East conflict, oil giants like CVX could also easily push aggressively higher.

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