5 billionaires buy Small-Cap – Week of 12/31

Aspiring investors and financial enthusiasts alike are always keen to gain insights into the strategies of the world’s most successful investors. With their vast wealth and unparalleled experience, billionaire investors are often viewed as beacons of wisdom in the stock market. Today we’ll take a closer look at three stocks that have caught the attention of billionaire investors, offering a glimpse into their investment portfolios and potential opportunities for investors looking to follow in their footsteps.

Here are three stocks investment legends have been buying recently –

Oddity Tech Ltd. – SYM: ODD
Recent Price: $46.82
Legends: Paul Tudor Jones, Ron Baron, Jim Simons
Description: Oddity Tech Ltd. operates as a consumer tech company that builds and scales digital-first brands to disrupt beauty and wellness industries. The company serves consumers worldwide through its AI-driven online platform, deploying data science to identify consumer needs, and developing solutions in the form of beauty and wellness products.

Two One-Percenters Warn: “Your Cash is In Danger…”

two percenter

Louis Navellier here – If you’re holding cash, your savings are in danger. What makes me so sure? For one thing, I’ve got a lot of money myself. I’m not just a “One-Percenter” – technically, I’m so rich I’m in the top 0.1%. I’m not telling you that to brag. I’m telling you because there’s a cold, hard truth about building wealth. And I promise you,CASH is the LAST thing you’ll want to hold over the coming year.To explain why, watch this free video that explains what you should do with your money instead.

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Saul Centers, Inc. – SYM: BFS
Recent Price: $39.44
Legends: Ken Fisher, Jim Simons, Paul Tudor Jones
Description: Saul Centers, Inc. is a self-managed, self-administered equity REIT headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, which currently operates and manages a real estate portfolio of 61 properties, which includes (a) 50 community and neighborhood shopping centers and seven mixed-use properties with approximately 9.8 million square feet of leasable area and (b) four non-operating land and development properties. Over 85% of the Saul Centers’ property operating income is generated by properties in the metropolitan Washington, D.C./Baltimore area.


Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. – SYM: MEG
Recent Price: $32.17
Legends: Chuck Royce, Jim Simons, Steven Cohen
Description: Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. operates as an environmental services company in the United States and internationally. The company operates in three segments: Assessment, Permitting and Response; Measurement and Analysis; and Remediation and Reuse. The Assessment, Permitting and Response segment provides scientific advisory and consulting services to support environmental assessments, environmental emergency response and recovery, toxicology consulting and environmental audits and permits for current operations, facility upgrades, new projects, decommissioning projects, and development projects. Its technical advisory and consulting services include regulatory compliance support and planning, environmental, and ecosystem and toxicological assessments and support during responses to environmental disruptions. The Measurement and Analysis segment tests and analyzes air, water, and soil to determine concentrations of contaminants, as well as the toxicological impact of contaminants on flora, fauna, and human health. Its services include source and ambient air testing and monitoring, leak detection, and advanced analytical laboratory services, such as air, storm water, wastewater, and drinking water analysis. The Remediation and Reuse segment provides engineering, design, implementation, and operations and maintenance services primarily to treat contaminated water, remove contaminants from soil, or create biogas from waste. The company serves technology, media, chemical, energy, power and utility, industrial and manufacturing, financial, and engineering industries, as well as local, state, provincial, and federal government entities. Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

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