6 Billionaires Buy Micro-Cap – Week of 12/03

Aspiring investors and financial enthusiasts alike are always keen to gain insights into the strategies of the world’s most successful investors. With their vast wealth and unparalleled experience, billionaire investors are often viewed as beacons of wisdom in the stock market. Today we’ll take a closer look at three stocks that have caught the attention of billionaire investors, offering a glimpse into their investment portfolios and potential opportunities for investors looking to follow in their footsteps.

Here are three stocks investment legends have been buying recently –

UFP Technologies, Inc. – SYM: UFPT
Recent Price: $166.72
Legends: Ray Dalio, Jim Simons, Steven Cohen
Description: UFP Technologies, Inc. designs, engineers, and manufactures solutions for medical devices, sterile packaging, and other highly engineered custom products. It markets and sells its products in the United States principally through a direct sales force. The company was founded in 1963 and is headquartered in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Elon Musk’s “Project Omega” Could Be A Golden Ticket To Wealth


Legendary investor Eric Fry, has had his pulse on the market for over 30 years. And now, in his latest video presentation, Fry unveils what he believes to be the biggest wealth building opportunity in the world right now. We’re talking about a radical piece of technology that Elon Musk, Peter Thiel and other Silicon Valley insiders are involved with. One that is on track to mint more millionaires and billionaires that the Internet. Mark Cuban says this tech could produce the world’s first trillionaire.

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Klaviyo, Inc. – SYM: KVYO
Recent Price: $30.79
Legends: Paul Tudor Jones, George Soros, Frank Sands
Description: Klaviyo, Inc., a technology company that provides a software-as-a-service platform to enable its customers to send the right messages at the right time across email, short message service (SMS), and push notifications. The company offers Klaviyo, a marketing automation platform that sends personalized and targeted messages. Its products include email marketing solution to track every click and purchase to optimize campaigns; SMS, a text marketing solution for ecommerce growth and retention; and mobile push solution that reaches customers directly on their lock screen with mobile push notifications. The company also provides Review solution to get the product reviews; and a customer data platform that helps store, analyze, and use data at scale. It serves individuals, small and medium enterprises, and companies in North America, Western Europe, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. The was incorporated in 2012 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

PREDICTION: The Next Trillion-Dollar Stock

In 2007, he predicted Facebook would become a $100 billion company.

In 2010, he predicted Apple would reach a three-trillion-dollar valuation.

In 2013, he called Bitcoin — before it rose 50,000% and ultimately reached a trillion-dollar market cap.

And now, this A.I. Genius is stepping into the spotlight to predict the next-trillion stock.

To see his shocking new reveal, go here now.


LeMaitre Vascular, Inc. – SYM: LMAT
Recent Price: $53.88
Legends: Paul Tudor Jones, Steven Cohen, Ray Dalio
Description: LeMaitre Vascular, Inc. designs, markets, sells, services, and supports medical devices and implants for the treatment of peripheral vascular disease worldwide. It offers restoreflow allografts; angioscope, a fiberoptic catheter used for viewing the lumen of a blood vessel; embolectomy catheters to remove blood clots from arteries or veins; thrombectomy catheters for removing thrombi in the venous system; occlusion catheters that temporarily occlude the blood flow; perfusion catheters to perfuse the blood and other fluids into the vasculature; and thrombectomy catheters, which features a silicone balloon for removing thrombi in the venous system. The company also provides artegraft biologic graft, a bovine carotid artery used for dialysis access in patients with or without a previously-failed synthetic graft; carotid shunts that temporarily shunt the blood to the brain during the removal of plaque from the carotid artery in a carotid endarterectomy surgery; and radiopaque tape, a medical-grade tape applied to the skin that enables interventionists to cross-refer between the inside and the outside of a patient’s body, and allows them to locate tributaries or lesions beneath the skin. In addition, it offers valvulotomes, which cut or disrupt valves in the saphenous vein to function as an artery to carry blood past diseased arteries to the lower leg or the foot; and vascular grafts to bypass or replace diseased arteries. Further, the company provides vascular and cardiac patches, which are used for closure of vessels after surgical intervention; and closure systems to attach vessels to one another with titanium clips instead of sutures. It markets its products through a direct sales force and distributors. The company was formerly known as Vascutech, Inc. and changed its name to LeMaitre Vascular, Inc. in April 2001. LeMaitre Vascular, Inc. was incorporated in 1983 and is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts.

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