A $200 Billion Opportunity in the Metaverse – 5/22

Keep an eye on the metaverse ecommerce market.

By 2030, according to Statista, the market could be worth more than $200 billion.

In fact, the group believes the global metaverse ecommerce market could grow by 30% and reach a value of $30 billion this year. By 2025, the market could be worth $42 billion. By 2030, they added, it could be worth more than $210 billion.

The surging number of consumers searching for a more immersive online shopping experience and wanting to preview and interact with products and brands before making a purchase has helped the metaverse ecommerce industry to grow by 60% in just three years. Even the ecommerce giant Amazon has incorporated early metaverse technology into its marketplace,” as reported by Wire19.com.

That being said, keep an eye on stocks such as:

Company: Roblox (SYM: RBLX)

Roblox (SYM: RBLX) gapped from about $40 to a low of $30 after cutting its annual bookings forecast. However, with the negativity now price in, it’s starting to pivot higher. 

Helping, the company is opening a new ad format, as it attempts to monetize its free games.


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If you think AI stocks are hot right now, just wait until after the election. I believe the next president’s first move could launch a second wave of AI winners.


Company: Advanced Micro Devices (SYM: AMD)

Weakness in Advanced Micro Devices (SYM: AMD) is a buy opportunity.

After dropping from about $230 to about $141 on earnings, it’s just starting to pivot higher again. Last trading at $166.33, I’d like to see AMD retest $180 again shortly. Helping, Microsoft just added AMD artificial intelligence chips to its cloud computing products. 

Two, analysts at Jefferies initiated coverage of AMD with a buy rating, with a price target of $190 a share. AMD even just replaced Nvidia on the Wolfe Research Alpha List.

Manward Press

This is the exact moment when AI will throw off its shackles, instantly growing billions of times more intelligent than Einstein.

A two-time hedge fund manager is sharing a “Singularity Investor Playbook” you can use to position yourself at the forefront of this historic moment.


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