A Great Way to Keep Your Portfolio Safe

One of the best ways to protect your portfolio is by holding dividend stocks.

Especially those that pay dividends monthly.

Look at oversold shares of Realty Income (SYM: O). After pulling back from about $55.50 to a low of $52.45, it’s just starting to pivot higher. Better, it just declared a dividend of $0.2570, which is payable on June 14 to shareholders of record as of June 3.

The company – which refers to itself as The Monthly Dividend Company – owns more than 15,400 properties in the U.S. It’s also a Dividend Aristocrat with 25 years of payments.

Even more attractive, the company just posted solid earnings.

FFO, or funds from operations, came in at $1.05, beating by a penny. Revenue of $1.26 billion beat estimates of $1.10 billion. That revenue was up 33.4% year over year. Even better, BMO Capital analysts just raised their price target on Realty income to $58 a share.

We also have to consider that its tenants are safe in any economy. That includes Dollar General, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Walmart, and properties leaded to grocery stores and convenience stores.

It’s just something to consider if you’re looking for opportunity in a crazed market.

Another thing to consider is how Oil = Monthly Income.

Right now, there’s an unusual $25 way to collect MONTHLY income from the oil markets.

It’s not a stock, bond, or anything you’ve likely heard about…

But it’s by far my #1 investment opportunity for 2024.

Find out more right here.

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