Apple Could See Higher Highs on AI Hopes – 5/18

Company: Apple (SYM: AAPL)

Keep an eye on Apple (SYM: AAPL).

The beaten-down tech giant is ridiculously oversold at support dating back to May. It’s also oversold on RSI, MACD, and Williams’ %R. And it’s overdue for a bounce back.

Helping, analysts at Bank of America say the stock could soar 36% as it nears the launch of its artificial intelligence-enabled iPhone. The firm also reiterated its buy rating, with a price target of $225, noting that much of the weakness with expected earnings has been priced in.

Could Elon’s New Device be Bigger than the iPhone?


According to 30-year Silicon Valley and Wall Street veteran, Eric Fry…

A man who picked 41 plays that jumped 1,000%+…

This mind-blowing new technology could be bigger than the iPhone.

And it could make a lot of people wealthy in the coming months and years.

Show me the new technology.

Also, as noted by Business Insider:

The firm “expects Apple to increase its capital return to shareholders when the company reports its fiscal second-quarter results. That could come in the form of an increased dividend, an increased stock buyback program, or both. Mohan expects a 5% dividend increase and a $90 billion stock buyback program.” Second, they expect for Apple to make AI-related announcements at the upcoming WWDC conference in June.

They also expect for Apple to launch an Ai-enabled iPhone later this year.

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