Chart of Day: Albemarle (ALB) – 1/8

Excessive fear is creating big opportunity in lithium stocks, like Albemarle (ALB).

After considerable downside on lithium supply issues, many of the top lithium stocks are starting to come back strong. As noted by Reuters, “In calls with investors and analysts in recent days, lithium producers said they saw the market volatility as short term, adding that they expect electrification to keep growing.”

albOne of the top lithium stocks to consider is Albemarle (ALB).

Bank of America upgraded ALB to a neutral rating, noting the stock is currently undervalued. Last checked, ALB is trading at less than 10x expected earnings, 1.7x sales, and nearly half of growth. Consider that the pullback in lithium prices is only a temporary issue. Once lithium prices recover, ALB should push aggressively higher.

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