Chart of Day: Green Thumb Industries (GTBIF) – 4/9

Cannabis stocks, like Green Thumb Industries (GTBIF) could see higher highs.

For one, more Americans support legalization. According to a new poll from Pew Research,88% of Americans say it should be legal.

“The poll found that a strong majority (57%) of Americans said they believe that weed should be legal for recreational and medical purposes, while less than a third (32%) said that marijuana should be legal for medical use only. Only 11% of those polled said that cannabis should not be legal for any purpose,” as noted by


Two, there’s speculation we could hear more about legalization as we near the U.S. elections. After all, with millions of Americans hoping for legalization, it could provide candidates with further support if they simply mention the possibility of legalization.

Three, Germany just legalized the possession of small amounts of cannabis.

In addition, as noted by Marijuana Moment, “Colorado’s governor says that while federal marijuana legalization is the ultimate goal, incremental rescheduling and cannabis banking reform are important “dominoes” that could help pave the way. And he said his state continues to have ‘very strong conversations with the White House’ about the need for policy change.”

All of that news has been substantial for stocks, like Green Thumb Industries (GTBIF).

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