Chart of Day: Nvidia (NVDA) – 1/13

Nvidia (NVDA) just made several big announcements at CES 2024, including new chips for generative AI, PCs, gaming, and newer partnerships. NVDA also announced its newest GeForce RTX graphics cards, which offer 4K resolution and ray tracing.

NVDA also just announced it expanded its partnership with Amgen and Recursion Pharmaceuticals – all of which will use NVDA generative AI tools to help with drug discovery.


“Momentum behind AI-powered drug discovery has been building as the pharmaceutical industry seeks to rein in the costly failure rate involved in traditional development of medicines. Roughly 90% of drug candidates that reach the clinical-trial stage fail, and for successful drugs, the path to the U.S. market typically takes 10 to 15 years and costs about $2.5 billion,” as noted by

Bank of America says that by the end of the year NVDA could see $700. For us, from its current price of $522.53, we’d like to see it test $600 short-term. By year-end, with the progress it’s making, it could see $1,000.

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