Chart of Day: Revisiting Sunrun (RUN) – 5/16

“Keep an eye on solar stocks, like Sunrun (SYM: RUN),” we said on April 20. “After bottoming out at around $10, Sunrun (RUN) is slowly starting to pivot higher. From its last traded price of $10.85, we’d like to see it test $13 initially.”

Since then, RUN ran to a high of $13.20 and could push even higher.


All as power generated from renewables sets new records.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Nearly a quarter of U.S. electricity demand was supplied by renewable sources in 2023 and just under 9% of total energy used came from green sources, according to a new report from Bloomberg NEF.”

“By 2028, renewables are projected to make up 23.7% of total electrical-power generation in the U.S.,” they added.

All of which could fuel further upside in solar names, like Sunrun.

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