Chart of Day: Tesla (TSLA) – 6/15

Keep an eye on Tesla (SYM: TSLA). Even with all the problems, it’s still an attractive opportunity.

Not only are EV sales accelerating, but according to Wedbush analysts, the $56 billion Elon Musk compensation removes a $20 to $25 overhang on the TSLA stock.


That’s because the award now dispels fears Musk will focus on other projects outside of Tesla, including a generative artificial intelligence project. With this, Wedbush has a $275 price target on TSLA shares.

Plus, Tesla market dominance is only expected to become stronger. As noted by, “While Tesla was out selling 50,000 new EVs, Ford was struggling to hit 10,000 EVs sold in second place. Behind it was Hyundai, which shifted 5,686 electric cars in March and BMW sold 4,246 electric models.”

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