Check out these 2 EV stocks ASAP – 6/11

The world is in desperate need of charging stations.

According to Inside Climate News, “Talk of an implosion of the U.S. electric vehicle market is verging on ridiculous. While there are some serious challenges surrounding EVs—such as the need to build out the nation’s charging infrastructure—automakers are on track to continue on a path of substantial growth.”

Just days ago, Fox Business just reported, The Biden administration’s efforts to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations that received billions of dollars in funding from Congress have thus far yielded just seven functioning chargers, which Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., called ‘pathetic’ progress.”

With EV sales starting to regain momentum, charging stations are essential.

Investing Trends

Did Microsoft just give the green light on this tiny AI company’s tech?

tiny ai

Goliaths in the tech space are no longer looking to battle with David. Instead, they’re partnering early and acquiring. And it looks like Microsoft could’ve found their next AI partner.

Find out who Microsoft could be betting big on.

That being said, keep an eye on:

Company: EVgo (SYM: EVGO)

Analysts at RBC Capital say EVGO is well positioned to benefit as the auto industry moves towards electrification. 

Even better, “EVgo’s business continues to grow and achieve record results, demonstrating the strength of our business model of owning and operating a fast-charging network as more Americans drive electric vehicles. The tailwind of long-term EV adoption gives us confidence that we will achieve adjusted EBITDA breakeven in 2025,” added the company.

Crypto 101

$16T Crypto Plot From Elon Musk

Reports of a leaked meeting between Elon Musk and staff at could send shockwaves through the crypto market.

Musk revealed a “mind-blowing” plan to take over the global payment system. In his own words, the world’s richest man said “you won’t need a bank account.”

Prominent voices in crypto believe what comes next will mirror a crypto mass adoption similar to the one that triggered bitcoin’s last bull run.

Click here now to get your copy.

Company: ChargePoint (SYM: CHPT)

In its first quarter, it posted an EPS loss of 17 cents, which beat by two cents. Revenue of $107.04 million, down 17.7% year over year, did beat by $1.4 million. First quarter subscription revenue of $33 million was 27% year over year growth. 

Helping, analysts at Needham have a buy rating on the stock, with a $3 price target. The firm noted that it’s enthusiastic about second-half gross margin accretion and OPEX (operating expense) leverage, and is now less concerned about the company’s future.

Weiss Ratings

Nvidia’s Quiet $1 Trillion Pivot

Nvidia and its powerful chips are the face of artificial intelligence.

But while everyone’s patting Nvidia on the back for record earnings…

It’s quietly moved on to the next phase of AI it plans to conquer…

Nvidia recently unveiled essential blueprints for this crucial $1 trillion pivot.

Click here now and find out about the three companies Nvidia absolutely needs to succeed in this vital new AI frontier.

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