Get Paid to Wait for Cannabis Stocks to See Higher Highs – 5/12

Cannabis may be one of the most controversial investing topics. 

But, it’s also turning out to be one of the most profitable.

All thanks to substantial catalysts.

For one, according to a recent Pew Research poll, 88% of Americans want to see legalization. Two, more U.S. states could legalize it. Three, the Drug Enforcement Agency just said it would reschedule cannabis as a less severe drug. In addition, Germany just legalized its use, which could set off a domino effect of legalization throughout Europe.

Even better, we can get paid to wait for further upside in cannabis stocks, with high-yielding real estate investment trusts, such as:

Company: Innovative Industrial Properties (SYM: IIPR)

With a yield of 6.95%, the real estate investment trust (REIT) focused on the acquisition, management of state-licensed cannabis operators, just paid out a dividend of $1.82. 

The REIT own 108 properties across 19 states with 8.9 million rentable square feet. Also, 95.2% of its portfolio is under a triple-net lease.

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Company: AFC Gamma (SYM: AFCG)

With a yield of 15.5%, “AFC Gamma targets direct lending and bridge loan opportunities typically ranging from $5 million to $100 million across multiple real estate sectors, with a specialization in loans to state-licensed cannabis operators,” as noted on its site.

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Company: NewLake Capital Partners (SYM: NLCP)

With a yield of about 8%, this REIT provides real estate capital to licensed cannabis operators through sale-leaseback transactions and owns a portfolio of 31 properties comprised of 14 cultivation facilities and 17 dispensaries.


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