Gold Still Has Plenty of Upside Potential

Gold prices may be sitting at record highs.

But they could easily push higher.

Goldman Sachs has said gold is in an “unshakeable bull market” and revised its price target on gold from $2,300 to $2,700 by the end of the year.

According to Citi analysts, gold could test $3,000 in the next six to 18 months – especially with tensions in the Middle East. However, according to Ed Yardeni of Yardeni Research, gold could see $3,500, suggesting that inflation trends could send gold to higher highs.

All as investors and central banks seek protection against inflation, sky-high volatility, nearing elections in the U.S., and heightened geopolitical risks. There’s also the de-dollarization theme coupled with aggressive central bank buying – especially from China.

For one, “Central banks continued to add more gold to their reserves, adding 290 metric tons of gold over the first three months of the year, the strongest start to any year on record,” as reported by

“China’s central bank added 27 tons to its gold reserves, its 17th consecutive monthly increase, helping lift its reported gold holdings to 2,262 tons. Elsewhere, the Central Bank of Turkey bought a further 30 tons, India added 19 tons, and the National Bank of Kazakhstan 16 tons, among others,” they added.

Again, as gold buyers seek safe-haven protection against inflation, sky-high volatility, and heightened geopolitical risks, gold prices could push aggressively higher.

Due to this Gold has been labeled the asset beating inflation by 4x!

Experts are saying this could be “The Gold Grab of the Century.”

When central banks buy gold…

The rich buy right along with them.

And central banks are buying at breakneck pace.

Last year… 1,037 tons.

Just 45 tons less than the record set two years ago.

Billionaire investors are buying too.

  • Greenlight Capital invested $40 million.
  • One hedge fund legend invested $200 million.
  • Even Warren Buffett put over $500 million into gold.

Bloomberg reports, “Investors are expected to continue accumulating gold at an accelerated pace this year.”

Which should drive gold prices up even more.

Those who are well-positioned can take advantage of the situation.

The rich use what we call the “Trump Loophole” to invest in gold and other precious metals without having to put up any cash. The process is IRS-approved, tax and penalty-free, and simple to navigate.

But it helps to know the “ins and outs”.

That’s why we have released our Free Precious Metals Investment Guide.

Where we show you what the rich “fat cats” do to protect and grow their retirement wealth in any economy… and… how you can use this exact strategy too.

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