How to Find Major Opportunities After a Market Pullback

The Best Way to Spot Excessive Fear

Everyone has advice to give.

But not everyone with advice is worth listening to.

Some of the worst advice I was ever given was, “Never buy a stock hitting a 52-week low.”

Or, “nothing is more destructive to amateur investors than thinking that a stock trading near a 52-week low is a good buy.”

None of that is true, though.

Some of the greatest opportunities can actually be found after a massive pullback, especially in well-known stocks. Plus, as we’ve learned from Baron Rothschild, the time to buy is “when blood is running in the streets… even if that blood is your own.”

Or as Warren Buffett would say — “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”

We’ll admit it’s a tough idea.

For many traders, the instinct is to follow the herd out of the stock. However, it’s that same herd that will tell you exactly when to buy, too. All you have to do is spot excessive fear of the herd. Look at Air Products and Chemicals (SYM: APD), for example.

Earlier this year, the stock gapped lower with other hydrogen-related stocks. Traders were running from it. But look at what happened when fear got too out of hand. It bounced back strong –which is easy to say after the fact, right?

But look closer at the APD chart…

Look at what happens when RSI, MACD and Williams’ %R get too over-extended, as they did in February. RSI was below its 30-line, MACD plummeted, Williams’ %R dips below its 80-line, telling us the pullback was not only extreme, but that it had also run its course.

Even better, those same technical pivot points can be used with any stock, any ETF, any index, and you’ll see similar results. Test it out and see.

According to experts such as Martin D. Weiss, there’s another opportunity investors need to see with Nvidia’s stock and it’s quiet $1 Trillion Pivot in the market!

Many of investors are asking “What is Nvidia’s New $1 Trillion Superproject?”

Well, Nvidia recently added $277 billion in market cap …


That one-day gain is greater than the entire market cap of Coca-Cola …

McDonald’s …

Disney …

Netflix …

And Shell …

Companies that have been around for decades and experienced lifetimes of success.

It was Wall Street’s largest one-day gain in history, and it’s because Nvidia is the face of artificial intelligence.

But while everyone is patting Nvidia on the back for its record earnings …

Nvidia has already moved on to the next phase of AI that it plans to conquer.

In fact, something has been happening in the background over the past couple of years.

Nvidia’s been quietly pivoting to another, potentially lucrative sector.

Indeed, Nvidia’s own CEO, Jensen Huang, believes Big Tech is going to spend over $1 trillion on this sector just in the next four years.

Four giants — Amazon, Meta, Microsoft and Google — are all in on this new AI frontier.

And this is where Nvidia comes in.

Because those four giants are already Nvidia’s largest customers …

And we expect Nvidia is going to be integral to the success of this Super Project.

While most people are still focused on Nvidia’s recent performance, they’re missing this massive, $1 trillion pivot Nvidia’s making right now.

The company recently unveiled essential blueprints for this grand venture.

But it’s what’s happening behind the scenes that should be most exciting for investors …

Because we’ve identified three companies that Nvidia needs to lean on to get the job done.

And they have the chance to become leaders in this next wave of the AI boom.

Find out details on these three critical Nvidia partners immediately.

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