Huge buy opportunity for little-known AI security firm – 6/6

Cyberattacks are still wreaking global havoc.

All because governments, companies, cities, hospitals, consumers, and schools are still grossly unprepared for attacks. Most recently, an attack on a contractor to England’s National Health Service forced major hospitals in London to cancel operations, blood tests, and appointments.

Ticketmaster was recently attacked, with hackers putting 500 million users’ information up for sale online.


Man who spotted Apple at $1.49 says: “Buy These 6 AI Stocks.”

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For over 40 years, Louis Navellier has made a career out of spotting the most promising tech stocks, long before anyone else.

Like Apple at just $1.49…

Dell at less than a dollar…

And Microsoft at 39 cents.

Now, Louis says a second boom is coming for AI stocks.

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Until things improve, which may not happen for some time, keep an eye on cybersecurity stocks, including:

Company: Palo Alto Networks (SYM: PANW)

Analysts at Argus just raised their price target on PANW to $348 with a buy rating. The firm added that the “Cybersecurity environment is ‘getting more toxic’ as generative AI may be used for both good and ill, and Palo Alto continues to stand out from its sector peers with best-in-class technology and also a rapid product innovation cycle,” as noted by

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Company: Zscaler (SYM: ZS)

The company just unveiled multiple innovations to its AI Data Protection Platform that leverage the world’s largest security cloud and the power of AI.

“That includes its ‘Gen AI App Security’, which offers context-rich user and risk correlation, providing insights into risky prompts, AI app usage and granular policy controls,” says “This feature is crucial as the adoption of AI technologies continues to accelerate, presenting new security challenges.”

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Man Who Called Nvidia at $1.10: THIS NEW STOCK is the Next Trillion Dollar Company

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Biggest Tech Firms in the World are Loading Up! And Apple Just Signed a Deal Through 2040.

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