[NEW REPORT] 3 under-the-radar AI stocks – 6/15

One of the best ways to generate consistent income is with real estate investment trusts (REITs) – especially those involved with data centers and artificial intelligence.

Look at Digital Realty (SYM: DLR)

With a yield of 3.26%, it’s getting swept up in the artificial intelligence boom. 

“Almost every industry is now looking for new AI functionality that can streamline processes and improve results. In this new digital landscape, data centers are uniquely positioned to both provide and benefit from AI applications,” added Digital Realty.

And until the AI boom slows, which won’t happen any time soon, data centers will continue to see significant demand. All of which will drive REITs like Digital Realty to new highs. It could drive dividend payouts higher, too.

Other than Digital Realty, there’s also:

Company: Equinix (SYM: EQIX)

As noted by Benzinga.com, “Equinix’s global network of interconnected data centers forms the backbone of digital business, enabling seamless data exchange and supporting the high-performance computing demands of NVIDIA’s AI platforms.”

“This strategic partnership not only amplifies Equinix’s service offerings but also aligns its growth trajectory with the rapid advancements in AI, cloud computing, and data analytics spearheaded by NVIDIA,” they added.

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Company: Iron Mountain (SYM: IRM)

Iron Mountain just posted stronger than expected numbers. Adjusted funds from operations came in a $1.10, as compared to expectations for 92 cents.

Total revenue of $1.48 billion beat estimates for $1.45 billion. It also reiterated its funds from operations per share of $4.39 to $4.51, revenue of $6 billion to $6.15 billion, and adjusted EBITDA of $2.175 billion to $2.225 billion.

It declared a 65-cent quarterly dividend, payable July 5 for shareholders of record as of June 17.

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Company: DigitalBridge (SYM: DBRG)

With a yield of 0.31%, DigitalBridge’s CEO Marc Ganzi says global data center capacity will need to grow by about 300% to meet the demands of AI. Earnings have been solid, with EPS of a penny beating estimates for a loss of seven cents. Revenue also jumped more than 302%.

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