Nvidia Could Easily See Another 30% of Upside, Say Analysts

Nvidia Could Easily See Another 30% of Upside, Say Analysts

Nvidia (SYM: NVDA) could easily race higher, we said on Saturday, May 25.

At the time, it traded at $1,035.

All after the tech giant blew earnings out of the water.

In its first quarter, the company posted adjusted EPS of $6.12 on sales of $26 billion. Gaming revenue was 18% higher year over year. Data center revenue jumped to $22.6 billion as compared to estimates of $21.13 billion. Total revenue was up 427% year over year.

Looking to the second-quarter, Nvidia expects to generate $28 billion in revenue, plus or minus 2%. Analysts were forecasting $26.8B in revenue.

Today, NVDA is up to $1,210.77 and is about to get a lot more attractive at a lower cost. Remember, this Friday, NVDA will split 10:1.

Following the split, shareholders of record as of June 6, 2024, will receive nine additional shares of stock for each share they own after the market close on Friday, June 7. The stock will then begin trading on a split-adjusted basis on June 10.

Post-split, NVDA at about $100 a share will be tough to avoid.

Given the demand NVDA is seeing, it could race right back to $1,000 a share.

Even better, shares could run another 30% higher, says Bank of America. “Despite claims by rivals (AMD, Intel, custom chips or ASICs) we see NVDA with a multi-year lead in performance, pipeline (Blackwell, successors), incumbency, scale and developer support (5mn+),” said the firm, as quoted by CNBC.

If Nvidia isn’t on your radar you might consider what Jeff Bezos Found…he’s predicting it could be the Next Nvidia.

If you’ve sat back and watched companies like Nvidia and AMD soar over 2,000% over the past several years…

And turn $5,000 into $105,000

And wondered what was next…

You need to listen very closely…

Because Jeff Bezos has just found the next big thing…

It’s a technology Bank of America called,

“Bigger than fire and bigger than all the revolutions that humanity has seen.”

And before you start guessing…

It has nothing to do with A.I. ChaptGPT software out there…

Instead, it’s a technology that’s going to prove to be far more disruptive…

And Jeff Bezos has found one tiny company that’s going to dominate the entire industry…

This is a fast-moving story, but if you want the chance to profit alongside Jeff Bezos in the next big tech trend, go ahead and…

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