One of the Cheapest AI Stocks to Consider

Some of the greatest opportunities can be found in undervalued stocks.

Look at SoundHound AI (SYM: SOUN), for example.

This is the company that provides voice control and audio analytics software to auto makers, drive-through restaurants, and other businesses with phone-based menu systems.

Better, one of its biggest investors is Nvidia, which invested about $3.7 million in the company. The investment arm of SoftBank also invested $2.3 million in SOUN. While those are small investments, it says a lot that industry giants are jumping in.

Helping, the company’s co-founder and chief executive Keyvan Mohajer recently said, “Our first quarter sets the tone for 2024 as another year of strong growth for SoundHound Voice AI is fast becoming a must-have tool for customer service, and that’s reflected in the demand we’re seeing for subscriptions.”

In addition, analysts at Wedbush just said SOUN is “well-positioned” to capitalize on the demand for AI chatbots as it partners with various companies, including restaurants.

“Overall, we believe this was a major step in the right direction for the SOUN story as the company continues to build toward profitable growth with stable revenue pillars in Automotive/Restaurant and strong monetization capabilities to capture demand from enterprises across industries that seek ways to optimize efficiencies.”

These could be the top AI stocks of 2024 so you’ll want to keep reading…

Before you drop a dime into artificial intelligence, know this:
There are more than 14,000 AI startups. 99% of them are going to fail.
Are you qualified to pick the 1% of winners?
It doesn’t matter. Because as one of the early pioneers of AI, I’ve spent the past 35 years studying it intricately…

And I’m revealing my top 5 AI stocks of 2024 right here…

With a profit projection of 9,900% in the next few years.

If you’re only going to invest in one AI company this year, let it be this one. If anyone’s qualified to do the picking, it’s me…

I’ve been studying AI since 1987, when I started as a freshman at Cornell University.

While my scientific paper on AI was getting published, and I was presenting said paper at one of the most prestigious AI conferences in the world, most of today’s AI startup founders weren’t even born yet.

In grad school, I studied AI at Carnegie Mellon, where AI was originally invented in the 50s.

I was an angel investor in Buddy Media, before it was acquired by Salesforce for $689 million.

Throughout my career, I’ve personally bought and sold a handful of tech companies – two for over $10 million.

But I’ve never seen a company poised for success like this one.

It’s light years ahead of the competition. And in the next few years, coupled with my other top recs, it could turn a $10,000 stake into over one million.

2024’s Top AI Stocks – #1 Ticker Revealed Here!

We will likely never again in our lifetimes witness a wealth-building opportunity like artificial intelligence.

Which means – if you want to take advantage – you need to jump into this booming industry immediately.

And this is the stock to do it with.

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