One of the Top Ways to Trade Obesity on the Cheap

With the obesity treatment story showing no signs of slowing, keep an eye on rebounding shares of Viking Therapeutics (SYM: VKTX).

Earlier this year, the company reported that the injectable form of its obesity treatment helped patients lose up to 13.1% of their weight after 13 weeks. Then, the company said the tablet form of its treatment led to a weight loss of about 3.3% after 28 days in Phase 1 trials. That tablet form of the treatment is expected to enter Phase 2 trials in the second half of the year.
Should we see even more solid trial data for both treatments, VKTX could rally to more than $95 again. Better, further success could expose VKTX to a massive multi-billion-dollar market.

In fact, according to Goldman Sachs, “Earlier this year, the global market for anti-obesity medications (AOMs) reached $6 billion on an annualized basis. By 2030, it could grow by more than 16 times to $100 billion, according to Goldman Sachs Research.”

With that, we’d eventually like to see VKTX where Eli Lilly (SYM: LLY) is with its obesity treatment.

Not only did Eli Lilly just report that its adjusted profits top estimates, but it also hiked its full-year guidance thanks to sales of Mounjaro and Zepbound. “The drugmaker now expects full-year adjusted earnings of $13.50 to $14.00 per share, up from previous guidance of $12.20 to $12.70 per share. Eli Lilly also expects revenue for the year to come in between $42.4 billion and $43.6 billion, an increase of $2 billion at either end of the range,” says. CNBC.

Once VKTX brings an obesity drug to market, we believe the stock could double.

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