Breakthrough Wealth

Breakthrough Wealth

If you’re willing to take above-average risk for breakthrough returns in the stock market, you can find big winners among tiny publicly ­traded companies—so-called microcaps. That is an area where small investors have an advantage over large institutional investors and mutual funds, which typically consider the stocks too small to research, monitor or invest in.

What we look for: Breakthrough Wealth looks for microcaps with market capitalizations ranging from $100 million to $1 billion. We look for companies that have fast revenue growth (20% annually or more)… are currently profitable or will be in the near future…and, most important, offer a unique product or service in fast-changing industries such as medical equipment or software. To limit risk, we suggest an investor keep no more than 5% of their overall stock portfolio assets in microcaps.

As a member of Breakthrough Wealth you’ll receive:

  • Access to Our Current Portfolio...Detailed recommendations on all of our open positions, many of which you can buy immediately. These in-depth reports average 30 pages on average and clearly explain what to buy, at what price to buy it and exactly when to sell it.
  • Educational Materials… Videos and articles outlining how we invest.
  • Monthly Portfolio Updates...Each month we update our portfolio by diving deeper into one of our existing recommendations, releasing a new one or selling one.
  • Regular updates…Whenever there is any material news on one of our portfolio companies you’ll get an email from Dylan by the end of the day, at the latest
  • 24/7 access to members-only website…Where all past issues, our track record and all alerts can be found in an instant.


Behind the Markets: Independent research for independent investors.


Dylan Jovine
Dylan Jovine

Entrepreneur & investor Dylan Jovine is the founder & CEO of Behind the Markets, a company whose mission is to bring individual investors the same quality investment research institutional investors have.

Tycoon Publishing

Prior to that, in 2004, he launched Tycoon Publishing to offer the public independent, conflict-free investment research & education.

At its peak, the company catered to over 500,000 individual investors from over 28 countries.

In 2011, he sold Tycoon to the largest independent financial newsletter publisher in the world, Agora, Inc.

Lexington Capital Partners

In 1996, he founded brokerage and investment bank Lexington Capital Partners (LCP) on 100 Wall Street in New York City.

At 24 years old he is considered one of the youngest people in history to guide a firm through the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) stringent year-long Pre-Membership Interview (PMI) process.

By the time he sold his stake in the company to Silver Lake Capital in 2000, the firm made markets in over one hundred securities and generated approximately twenty-five million in annual revenue.

Writing for The Tycoon Report

Dylan is perhaps best known as a regular contributor to the free investment newsletter, The Tycoon Report.

On December 19th 2006, he made the first of several public warnings about the stock market to his readers.

In early 2009 he became bullish telling his readers that this would be “the greatest opportunity since the great depression.”

(This lead to an pretty bad appearance on Fox Business where he got to explain why he was bullish but was never invited back because he was terrible in front of the news camera).

In 2007, Mr. Jovine participated in the only investing contest he ever entered, coming in second place out of one hundred of the most popular investors in an AOL-sponsored investing contest.


When Dylan isn’t working on one of his many business interests, he spends time with his family. His hobbies include a passion for ancient Roman history and a love of writing.

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