The Top AI Stocks to Buy and Hold Right Now – 6/24

Company: Advanced Micro Devices (SYM: AMD)

Advanced Micro Devices (SYM: AMD) could easily rally to higher highs.

All thanks to an unstoppable artificial intelligence boom that shows no signs of cooling.

Helping, Piper Sandler analysts just reiterated an overweight rating on AMD, with a price target of $175. They also said AMD is the firm’s large cap chip pick for the second half of 2024.

“At this time, MI300 is performing very well with an expected ramp to greater than $4B this year. Additionally, AMD has a slate of new chips coming out on top of MI300 later this year as well as 2025. To start, MI325 is expected to come out later this year and MI350 coming out in 2025. Finally, in 2026 we expect MI400 to come out,” said the firm, as quoted by Seeking Alpha.


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Plus, analysts at Citi say AMD could take about 10% of the data center graphics processing units (GPU) market. “We believe AMD is using an annual product cadence to keep pace with Nvidia, and we still expect AMD to get 10% share of the data center GPU market or roughly $15.0 billion.” The firm also reiterated a buy rating with a $176 price target.

Analysts at Edward Jones also initiated coverage of AMD with a buy rating, citing growing demand for data center infrastructure. All of which should boost AMD’s GPUs and central processing units (CPUs).

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ETF: Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF (SYM: BOTZ)

Or, if you’d rather diversify your AI holdings at a lower cost, check out the Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF (SYM: BOTZ).

With an expense ratio of 0.68%, the ETF invests in companies that could benefit from increased utilization of robotics and artificial intelligence. This includes those involved with industrial robotics and automation, non-industrial robots, and autonomous vehicles. 

Some of its top holdings include Nvidia, Intuitive Surgical, and Upstart to name a few of the top ones. The nice thing about an ETF, such as BOTZ, is that you’ll pay less for greater exposure. For example, 100 shares of BOTZ will cost you just over $3,075 at the moment.

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