There’s Still Time to Go Long On Solar – 5/26

As the world goes green, solar stocks are exploding.

Company: First Solar (SYM: FSLR)

When we first mentioned FSLR on April 30, we said, “FSLR is consolidating around $182 a share. From here, we’d like to see it break higher, with a potential test of $200 near term. Today, FSLR is up about $35 a share to $247.13.”

Today, it’s up to $273.83 and still running.

All thanks to artificial intelligence. In fact, as we also noted, UBS analysts reiterated a buy rating, with a price target of $270, noting FSLR is “an overlooked, direct beneficiary” of the ramp-up on artificial intelligence driven power demand.

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But it’s not just FSLR taking off on the news.

Other solar names are piggybacking off the story now, too.

Company: Sunrun (SYM: RUN)

Look at Sunrun (SYM: RUN). Up about 10% on Friday, it’s attempting to break from consolidation around $13 a share. Initially, given the momentum with solar, we’d like to see it retest $16.

Company: Canadian Solar (SYM: CSIQ)

Canadian Solar (SYM: CSIQ) is attempting to break above resistance around $18. If it can do that, we believe it could retest $20 next.

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Company: Invesco Solar ETF (SYM: TAN)

Or, if you want to diversify with most of the top performing solar names, look at an ETF, such as the Invesco Solar ETF (SYM: TAN). With an expense ratio of 0.67%, the ETF tracks the solar industry, holding stocks such as First Solar, Enphase Energy, Sunrun, and SolarEdge.

While solar stocks like FSLR have exploded higher, there’s still plenty of upside remaining.

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