These 2 “Flying Car” Stocks Could Soon Soar – 6/12

We’re getting even closer to flying cars.

For one, House lawmakers now want the U.S. Air Force to make its electric flying car a reality.  In fact, A House subcommittee’s section of the proposed 2025 National Defense Authorization Act directs the Air Force and the Pentagon to set up a working group made up of top-ranking defense officials to spur applications of a program called Agility Prime,” says

Two, Archer Aviation (SYM: ACHR) just received its Part 135 Air Carrier & Operator certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to commercially operating aerial vehicles.

Three, Xpeng (SYM: XPEV) could deliver its first flying cars by 2026. 

Even more impressive, if all goes well for the flying car story, we could be looking at a potential $1 trillion opportunity by 2040, says JPMorgan.

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Must Read Report BEFORE Investing in AI

ai laptop

Elon Musk calls AI “the most disruptive force in history.” With the potential to disrupt entire industries, experts believe the AI explosion will alter the course of the economy. While Silicon Valley bankrolls projects that expand AI technology, investors are flocking to companies with innovative AI platforms.

One small AI company is at the forefront of it all – get the full story here

That could have a substantial impact on stocks, such as:

Company: Joby Aviation (SYM: JOBY)

The company already delivered aircraft to the U.S. Air Force, completed its second production prototype, and is now moving into its next phase of test flights after completing pre-production flight tests. Now, as it heads into the production prototype aircraft phase, it can earn tax credits and move even closer to commercialization.

Weiss Ratings

Nvidia’s NEW “Silent Partners”

Many companies partnering with Nvidia have seen their own stocks go up…

That includes ASML, up as much as 471%…

Super Micro Computer, which has surged as much as 3,244%.

And Taiwan Semiconductor, which has soared as much as 4,744%.

With Nvidia now pivoting to a new $1 trillion AI superproject…

A new set of partners appear to be poised to benefit.

Find out who they are right away.

Company: eHang Holdings (SYM: EH)

Morgan Stanley just initiated an overweight rating on shares of EH, with a price target of $27.50. “We view eHang as a pioneer in the urban air mobility (UAM) market — with the world’s first [type certificate] awarded, validated products, and access to a multi-trillion [renminbi total addressable market] in China,”added the firm.


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