These Cannabis Trades Could All See Higher Highs – 5/25

One of the hottest topics of the year has been cannabis. More than 88% of Americans want to see legalization. The Administration is rescheduling cannabis as a Schedule III drug. More states are legalizing it. Florida could legalize it in November. Germany legalized its use, which could set off a domino effect of legalization efforts throughout Europe. 

Plus, according to the Associated Press, “For the first time, the number of Americans who use marijuana just about every day has surpassed the number who drink that often, a shift some 40 years in the making as recreational pot use became more legal in nearly half of the states.”

With that, keep an eye on cannabis stocks, such as:

Company: Innovative Industrial Properties (SYM: IIPR)

With a yield of 6.74%, Innovative Industrial Properties (SYM: IIPR) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) focused on the acquisition, and management of state-licensed cannabis operators

While we wait for further cannabis catalysts, and upside in IIPR, at least we can get paid to wait. It’s last dividend payment of. $1.82 was paid recently, with more on the way.

Company: AFC Gamma (SYM: AFCG)

Another cannabis REIT to consider is AFC Gamma (SYM: AFCG). At the moment, it yields 15.61%, and should also benefit from the potential for further state legalization.


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Company: Advisor Shares Pure US Cannabis ETF (SYM: MSOS)

With an expense ratio of 0.60%, the Advisor Shares Pure US Cannabis ETF (SYM: MSOS) is the first actively managed U.S.-listed ETF with dedicated cannabis exposure focusing exclusively on U.S. companies, including multi-state operators, as noted on the ETF’s site. 

We hope to see it retest $14 a share as the cannabis boom starts to get hot again.

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Company: Cambria Cannabis ETF (SYM: TOKE)

We can also look at the Cambria Cannabis ETF (SYM: TOKE).

With an expense ratio of 0.59%, the ETF is a low-cost option among related ETFs, targeting 20 to 50 global cannabis companies. Better, the company pays a quarterly dividend of $0.0627, which was recently paid out on April 1.

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