These Top Infrastructure Stocks are Just Starting to Pivot Higher – 5/5

On Sunday, April 28, we noted:

With elections nearing, one of the hot topics will be infrastructure. That’s especially true after the bridge collapse in Baltimore. should we hear more about it heading into the elections, you may want to consider infrastructure stocks like Martin Marietta (SYM: MLM)Vulcan Materials (SYM: VMC)Caterpillar (SYM: CAT), and ETFs such as the iShares U.S. Infrastructure ETF (SYM: IFRA).”

Since they opened for trading again on April 29, most are doing well so far.

Company: Vulcan Materials (SYM: VMC)

Look at Vulcan Materials (SYM: VMC), for example. Since April 29, it ran from a low of about $259.84 to a recent high of $273.18. From here, we’d like to see it retest $275 near term. Helping, earnings were solid. Its first quarter EPS of 80 cents beat by three cents. And while its revenue of $1.55 billion was down 6.1% year over year, it did beat by $40 million.

Has Jeff Bezos Found the Next Nvidia?

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Companies: Caterpillar (SYM: CAT), Martin Marietta (SYM: MLM)

Caterpillar (SYM: CAT) slipped since we mentioned in on April 28. However, it’s technically oversold, and could soon refill its bearish gap around $360 near term. Martin Marietta (SYM: MLM) also slipped. Now consolidating at around $591, we’d like to see it break higher and test $620.

Bitcoin: $250,000!?

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ETF: iShares U.S. Infrastructure ETF (SYM: IFRA)

As for the IFRA ETF, it ran from $42.70 to $42.88 so far for a whopping gain of 18 cents. But give this one time, too. With the elections nearing, and billions needed to repair infrastructure, we’d like to see the ETF closer to $50 a share.


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