This is Why You Should Never Chase Meme Stocks

What goes up must come down.

Unfortunately, some of us learned that the hard way with meme stocks this week.

“Over the last few days, shares of AMC Entertainment (SYM: AMC) soared from a low of $2.90 to a high of $11.88. All as “Roaring Kitty” sparked a flurry of meme stock buying activity. And while it’s been fun to watch AMC scream higher, we wouldn’t touch it. After all, AMC could come down as fast as it went up.”

Shortly after AMC hit a high of $11.88, sellers cut in in half.

Now trading at just $5.24, the bag holders aren’t happy.

The same thing happened with GameStop (SYM: GME). The stock roared from about $16.88 to a high of $64.83. It’s just like 2021 many of us thought. We’re going to get rich like they did in 2021. And then reality slapped them in the face, as they watched GME sink back to $33.68.

And just in case you think GME is done falling, it’s not.

This is just further proof of why it never pays to chase meme stock momentum.

Here’s Top 5 AI stocks could turn 10K into 1M in the next few years.

This is one of the #1 AI stocks of 2024.

And this is why:

In order to power the next generation of artificial intelligence, we need a ton of ultra-powerful microchips.

These chips exist – but most manufacturers have already reached the maximum amount of transistors they can fit on one.

It sounds technical, I know. But here’s what it all boils down to:

Without more transistors, AI cannot and will not grow.

The industry and all of its potential will be stuck at a complete standstill with nowhere to go.

That’s where this company comes in.

It has special extreme ultraviolet technology to pack many more transistors onto a single chip using…

Making it the single company that the entire AI space needs to survive.

Investing $10,000 into my top 5 today could turn into $1M or more in the next few years.

I’ll reveal this company’s ticker – and even more details on how the wealth-generating opportunities of AI will expand this year – right here.

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