It’s Time to Buy Back into Lithium – 4/12

Crisis will eventually lead to opportunity for lithium stocks.

For one, current lithium prices are not sustainable. Two, production cutbacks could eventually lead to a sizable drop in supply, as we saw the last time lithium prices plummeted. Plus, as noted by Bank of America:

2023 marked a huge drop in lithium prices, as the market flipped from the 2022 deficit into surplus. Inventory levels in China for lithium carbonate were elevated in February, but started to trend down in March [and pricing] started to show some strength. While EV sales growth has slowed, it is still 20% for the next few years, and thus we expect the global lithium market to tighten near-term,” as quoted by Barron’s.

It’s why we’re looking at lithium stocks and ETFs, such as:

Company: Albemarle (ALB)

Bank of America analyst Byrne also upgraded the ALB stock to a buy rating with a price target of $156 from $137. Analysts at Citi also raised their price target on ALB to $135 from $125. And, as of this week, analysts at Berenberg upgraded ALB to a buy rating, with a price target of $160.

As noted by, “Berenberg’s outlook for Albemarle is optimistic, citing several factors for the positive sentiment. The firm expects a rise in lithium volumes and an upward trend in lithium prices, negating the need for Albemarle to seek additional equity financing in the near future. The analyst also views the recent skepticism around electric vehicle (EV) sales growth as an opportunity.”

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With so many strange events happening across the economy (the longest bear market for bonds since the Civil War… unprecedented bank closures… and soaring prices), it’s no wonder the richest investors are loading up on gold. But what you might not realize is there’s a much better way to profit from rising gold prices – WITHOUT ever touching an ETF, mining stock, or even bullion.

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Company: Piedmont Lithium (PLL)

Piedmont Lithium is waiting for a green light from North Carolina on its lithium project.  If that happens, the company says its mine could be one of North America’s biggest sources of lithium for electric vehicle batteries.


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ETF: Global X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF (LIT)

Or, you can diversify at a lower cost with an ETF like the Global X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF. Some of its top holdings include Albemarle, Tesla, BYD, Panasonic Holdings, and Livent to name some of its 46 holdings.

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