Three Top Dividend Stocks to Keep Your Portfolio Safe

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Some of the safest stocks to buy and hold are those with dividends – especially when markets start to get volatile. With these, not only do you get safety, but you can collect some extra income along the way. Look at American States Water (AWR), for example.

American States is a reliable water and electrical utility company that’s been around since 1929. At the moment, it yields 2.53% and just paid out a dividend of 43 cents on March 1. This was its 351st dividend increase in 69 years.

Others to consider include:

Genuine Parts (GPC)

Look at Genuine Parts (GPC), for example.

With a current yield of 2.76%, GPC recently declared a regular quarterly cash dividend of 95 cents per share on the company’s common stock.

Procter & Gamble (PG)

With a yield of about 2.59%, the company recently increased its quarterly dividend of $1.0065 per share, payable on or after May 15, 2024 to shareholders as of April 19, 2024. According to the company, “It marks the 68th consecutive year that P&G has increased its dividend and the 134thconsecutive year that P&G has paid a dividend since its incorporation in 1890.”

Coca-Cola (KO)

With a yield of 3.31%, the company just raise its quarterly dividend to 48.5 cents per common share, and was paid on April 1. With more dividends on the way, KO is another one of the safest stocks to own when markets get crazed.

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