Three Top Ways to Trade the Bitcoin FOMO Rally – 3/8

The Bitcoin rally is just getting underway.

In fact, after crossing the $65,000 threshold, Bitcoin could easily see higher highs. 

According to analysts at Bernstein, “Bitcoin’s best days are yet to happen as the ETF-driven market fuels fears of missing out (FOMO). In this context, they believe BTC is well-placed to soar to new record highs.”

On top of that, we have the Bitcoin halving coming up.

“Initially, Bernstein forecasted a Bitcoin rally following its halving event. However, given the massive success of the ETF launch and the continuous inflow into ETFs, analysts now anticipate a Bitcoin rally before the halving event,” added

With that, Bitcoin could easily see higher highs. 

While you can always just trade Bitcoin, here are a few stocks rallying right along with it.

Company: Marathon Digital (MARA)

Mining stocks, like Marathon Digital (MARA) are some of the best ways to trade Bitcoin. That’s because the higher BTC goes, mining stocks are sure to follow. After all, its earnings potential is based on how well Bitcoin is doing. Helping, the company now holds 15,741 BTC as of Jan. 31. Even better, MARA just reported a 58% jump in the number BTC produced in January 2024.

The perfect AI stock under $10

ai video

If you’re looking for a great AI stock under $10… you need to watch this right away.

What the company is doing is pretty incredible. It could end up saving billions of lives… and billions of dollars.

In short, the company is the creator of the first AI-designed drug to enter clinical trials.

And this is a huge deal.

Normally, bringing a new drug to market takes an average of 10 years and between $2.5 and $12 billion.

However, new AI technology has the potential to make the process up to 1000 times faster.

So, if you’re looking for a great AI stock to own, you need to watch this presentation right away.

Company:Riot Platforms (RIOT)

Another hot mining stock is Riot Platforms (RIOT).

According to the company, “As we approach the halving, which is expected to occur in April 2024, Riot also intends to leverage our ability to obtain Bitcoin at a significant discount to its current market price by retaining a greater proportion of our monthly Bitcoin production in the near term. This is made possible by our strong liquidity profile, and will further cement our position as one of the largest holders of Bitcoin.”

The no work, no BS path to titan strong wealth

income plan banner

What if there was an easy way to build titan strong wealth with close to zero work, and no B.S. “get-rich-quick” scheme? What do I mean by “titan strong wealth?” Simple… Wealth that lasts through the bearest of bear markets and churns out income every month like a well-oiled machine. No schemes, and absolutely no tricks or B.S. promises. Just set-and-forget income you can rely on for the rest of your life. And inside this FREE report, I reveal the perfect dividend stock that’s taken me over 31 years of research and testing to pinpoint.

Learn more here.

Company: MicroStrategy (MSTR)

With MicroStrategy (MSTR), the stock can push even higher. All because it holds about 190,000 Bitcoin, which is currently worth billions. Just like with the miners, the higher the value of Bitcoin, the higher the potential value of MSTR. 

What’s interesting about MSTR is that it doesn’t matter how overbought it’s becoming, the “fear of missing out” rally could push it even higher. 

The #1 NASDAQ Stock to have your eyes on as Bitcoin explodes…

guy with bitcoin coin

A Blue-Chip Management Team is on a Mission to Turn This Emerging NASDAQ Company into the Next Industry Leader in Bitcoin Mining.

This Stock could emerge as one of the next leading miners and its Wall Street story is only just beginning!

Get the details of the name and ticker here!

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