Top Ways to Trade a Potential $92 Billion AI Chip Market Today

One of the safest investment opportunities is in artificial intelligence chips.

In fact, some of best ways to invest is by waiting for pullback in names such as Advanced Micro Devices, Nvidia, and ETFs like the Technology Select Sector SPRDR Fund.

For one, analysts at Gartner say, “Total AI chips revenue in 2024 to be $71.3 billion (up from $53.7 billion in 2023) and increasing to $92 billion in 2025.”

Two, we have to consider the AI boom isn’t slowing.

Analysts at McKinsey say the AI market opportunity to swell to $17 trillion to $25 trillion by 2030. And, according to Grand View Research, the global AI market could grow from about $137 billion in 2022 to more than $1.81 trillion by 2030.

Plus, consider this.

Artificial intelligence-related spending will make up about 8% to 10% of IT budgets in 2024, according to Wedbush. “This demonstrates a remarkable acceleration in AI spending after it comprised less than 1% of IT budgets in 2023,” added Seeking Alpha.

“While the first wave of the AI Revolution is being led by the Godfather of AI Jensen and Nvidia along with Nadella/ Redmond…now the 2nd/3rd/4th derivatives of this $1 trillion of spending over the next decade is hitting the shores of the tech sector,” added Wedbush.

In short, if you missed the AI stock boom, there’s still plenty of time to jump in.


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