Top Ways to Trade Bitcoin’s Latest Rally – 6/8

With Bitcoin back above $71,000 and running, it’s time to buy related stocks.

Then, when Bitcoin technically tops out again, we exit, wait for another run higher in Bitcoin, and buy again.

Company: MicroStrategy (SYM: MSTR)

Holding 214,400 Bitcoin valued at just under $71,000 apiece, the company is sitting on a $1.5 billion digital fortune. Better, if Bitcoin can get to analyst targets of $100,000, MSTR could easily double from its current price of $1,700. 

Analysts at Canaccord just raised its price target on MicroStrategy to $2,047 from $1,590 with a buy rating. As noted by, “The firm notes the company’s equity premium to its HODL value has remained resilient, hovering at ~100% according to their calculations and despite macro fluctuations.”

Weiss Ratings

Nvidia’s NEW “Silent Partners”

Many companies partnering with Nvidia have seen their own stocks go up…

That includes ASML, up as much as 471%…

Super Micro Computer, which has surged as much as 3,244%.

And Taiwan Semiconductor, which has soared as much as 4,744%.

With Nvidia now pivoting to a new $1 trillion AI superproject…

A new set of partners appear to be poised to benefit.

Find out who they are right away.

ETF: ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (SYM: BITO)

If you believe the value of BTC will push higher, you can invest in the Pro Shares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (SYM: BITO).  With an expense ratio of 0.95%, the ETF tracks the performance of spot Bitcoin, and is the world’s largest and most actively traded cryptocurrency ETF, according to ProShares.

Crypto 101

10X Gains on the Horizon?


Our top pick for the next crypto boom is flying under most investors’ radars. We believe this coin has the potential to deliver 10X returns or more.

Get the name of the coin and our complete investment guide for just $3.

Company: Coinbase Global (SYM: COIN)

Coinbase Global operates a leading cryptocurrency exchange in the U.S., and will typically benefit from increased upside in cryptocurrency prices.

Coinbase also just launched its Smart Wallets in an effort to speed up crypto onboarding.

“At Coinbase (COIN), we have always envisioned a world where everyone can seamlessly participate onchain. Today, we’re launching the next evolution of self-custodial wallets. Smart wallets are a revolutionary step forward in our mission to bring more than 1 billion users onchain,” said the company, as quoted by


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