Top Ways to Trade Gold’s Unstoppable Bull Market – 4/10

“Gold just crossed $2,200 – and could be headed to $2,500,” we noted on March 29.

Along with that, we also highlighted opportunity in Barrick Gold (GOLD), Newmont (NEM), the Van Eck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX), and the Sprott Junior Gold Miners ETF (SGDJ).

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Today, with gold now up to $2,355.98 and surging higher, all of those stocks are blasting higher.

  • Since April 1, Barrick Gold (GOLD) ran from about $17 to $18.07.
  • Newmont (NEM) ran from $36.20 to a recent high of $39.96.
  • The GDX ETF ran from $32 to $34.07.
  • The SGDJ ETF ran from $31.50 to $34.31.

From here, all could continue to push aggressively higher with gold.

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Central bank buying isn’t showing any signs of cooling off, with China buying even more for the seventeenth month in a row, says The Wall Street Journal. Issues in the Middle East and speculation the Federal Reserve may soon loosen its monetary policy have also been key drivers of gold’s upside. 

VanEck’s portfolio manager of gold and precious metals strategies, Imaru Casanova added that, In recent years, rallies of this type have often been followed by periods of consolidation around an established, higher level, with the metal trading in a sideways pattern until a new catalyst emerges driving prices even higher. The return of investment demand, as evidenced by inflows into global gold bullion ETFs, could be that catalyst, with a potential to drive gold higher,” as quoted by

At this point, we wouldn’t be shocked to see gold at $2,500, even $3,000 this year.

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