Top Ways to Trade Infrastructure Heading into Election

As we get closer to the elections, one of the topics we’ll hear more about is infrastructure.

“To date, the administration has launched nearly 13,000 bridge repair projects and
improvements on more than 257,000 miles of road. The government has also provided funding
for more than 5,000 clean school buses intended to lower emissions, as well as funding to help
replace up to 1.7 million toxic lead pipes,” says

Unfortunately, U.S. infrastructure is still in bad shape overall. It’s why the American Society of
Civil Engineers still grades U.S. infrastructure with a C-. Granted, that’s better than the D we
had prior to that, there’s still more work to be done.
That being said, investors may want to look at infrastructure funds, such as:

iShares U.S. Infrastructure ETF (SYM: IFRA)

If you want to diversify at a low cost, there’s the iShares U.S. Infrastructure ETF (SYML IFRA).  For one,
it’s technically oversold, and starting to pivot from its recent lows. Two, with a low expense
ratio of 0.30%, the ETF offers exposure to companies such as US Steel, Century Aluminum, NRG
Energy, CSX Corp., Olympic Steel, Enbridge, and Kinder Morgan to name a few.

SPDR S&P Global Infrastructure ETF (SYM: GII)

There’s also the SPDR S&P Global Infrastructure ETF (SYM: GII) – which provides exposure to the 75
largest infrastructure-related stocks based on float-adjusted market cap and liquidity, as noted
by With an expense ratio of 0.40%, the ETF holds infrastructure stocks such as Duke
Energy, Enbridge, NextEra Energy, Southern Company, and Transurban Group.

US Infrastructure Development ETF (SYM: PAVE)

With an expense ratio of 0.47%, the US Infrastructure Development ETF (SYM: PAVE) invests in
companies that stand to benefit from a potential increase in infrastructure activity in the United
States, including those involved in the production of raw materials, heavy equipment,
engineering, and construction, as noted by

Some of its top holdings include United Rentals, Eaton Corp., Trane Technologies, Union Pacific
Corp., CSX Corp., and Martin Marietta Materials.

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