Why Investors Should Jump into Cannabis Stocks Today

This is Why Investors Should Jump into Cannabis Stocks Today

Cannabis may be a controversial topic to many people but it’s also proving to be one of the most profitable for everyday investors.

Look at Innovative Industrial Properties (SYM: IIPR), for example. Since bottoming out at around $87.50 in February, it’s now up to $108.69, where it’s again a strong buy opportunity. Better, as you wait for it to recover, you can collect its yield of about 7%.

Or, look at Canopy Growth (SYM: CGC), which rocketed from about $3 to a high of $15. At its current price of $7.12, it is also a strong buy opportunity.

What makes these stocks even more exciting are the catalysts ahead. At the moment, about 88% of the American public wants to see legalization. We’re nearing rescheduling as a Schedule III. There’s speculation we could hear more positive news on potential legalization heading into the election. And Germany just legalized its use, which could easily set off a domino effect throughout Europe with legalization.

In addition, we have a key vote nearing for potential Florida legalization.

Remember, as noted by the Miami Herald, “The Florida Supreme Court has approved the ballot language of Amendment 3 that seeks to legalize adult-use cannabis in the November elections.”

In addition, the Supreme Court’s decision to allow the legalization of cannabis to appear on ballots this November holds the key to unlocking a potential tripling of the total cannabis market in Florida to $6 billion in sales, as noted by Benzinga.com.

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Nobody’s caught on to this sneaky Election Day shakeup yet.

Which is crazy, considering it’s unfolding out in the open…

Don’t get me wrong, this is not just another political story.

This is the single most important economic story in America today.

Because based on what I’ve uncovered, most Americans are overlooking the candidate we should all REALLY be worried about.

It’s not Biden…



Or even Michelle.

It’s someone much worse. (In fact, you likely think he’s an impossible candidate.)

Even so, I believe I’ve found shocking evidence of a secret plan for him to return and finish what he started.

I explain what’s really going on in D.C. right now – and the #1 step every American should take to prepare right now – in a short new video you can watch right here.

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