Why Lithium Stocks are about to Explode [and 2 ways to get in]

Why Lithium Stocks are about to Explode [and 2 ways to get in]

It’s Time to Jump Back into Lithium Stocks!

With the world fighting to go green, lithium demand will explode.

And prices will eventually follow.

According to Statista, global demand is set to skyrocket, noting it could reach 3.8 million tons by 2035. That’s a sizable jump from just over a million tons this year, they added. All as the world attempts to go green.

Two, the International Energy Agency says that based on current electric vehicle and battery storage, lithium demand could soar 13 times over by 2040.

In addition, according to Lithium Royalty, “lithium prices appeared to reach a bottom during the quarter with prices firming up in March. Current market prices for spodumene are trading approximately 25% higher than the lows seen in January and February this year as demand signals continue to firm up led by growth from China.”

To potentially profit from that, investors may want to start accumulating cheap lithium stocks, such as Albemarle, American Lithium, Sociedad Quimica y Minera and Piedmont Lithium. There are also lithium ETFs that should benefit from next leg up in lithium, too, such as:

Global X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF (SYM: LIT)

With an expense ratio of 0.75%, the ETF invests in the complete lithium cycle. Everything from mining and refining the metal through battery production. Some of its top holdings include Albemarle, TDK Corp., Panasonic, BYD Co., Tesla, and Piedmont Lithium to name a few.

Amplify Lithium & Battery Technology ETF (SYM: BATT)

With an expense ratio of 0.59%, the Amplify Lithium & Battery Technology ETF (BATT) provides exposure to global companies deriving material revenue associated with the development, production and use of lithium battery technology. Some of its top holdings include Tesla, LG Chemical, Albemarle, Sociedad Quimica y MInera, Panasonic, BHP Group, and BYD Company.

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