How to Spot Hidden Institutional Trade Opportunities

One of the best ways to spot opportunity is by tracking “hidden” institutional trading.

We can do this just by watching what are called “options sweeps,” which institutional traders use to hide large trades from the average trader. With sweeps, a trader is trying to hide their trade by breaking up a large order into smaller pieces under the radar of average traders.

However, with access to that institutional information, we can get a better idea of the potential direction of a stock. For example, if an institution just picked up $1.5 million worth of Apple call options, it can mean the firm is bullish on the direction of Apple. Perhaps, after doing some due diligence, we can even follow their lead and jump into the Apple stock, too.

Look at Bitcoin mining stock, Marathon Digital (MARA), for example.

Just moments ago, a $479,300 sweep went by on the June 21, 2024 17 call options.

With the latest Bitcoin halving, MARA is starting to push higher, as we’ve seen with prior BTC halving events. Look at the halving event on May 11, 2020, for example. Around that time, MARA bottomed out at around $0.52. Heading into the event, MARA ran to $0.72. From there, it would hit $44.35.

With the 2016 halving event on July 9, MARA traded at $30.77 ahead of it. Heading into the halving, it was up to $45. After, it would hit $48.48 a share. With the 2012 event on Nov. 12, MARA traded at about $104 and would drop to a low of about $38.48 and later recover to a high of $116 by late 2014.

In addition, MARA is just starting to pivot higher after catching support at around $14. It’s also just to pivot higher from over-extensions on RSI, MACD, and Williams’ %R. From its last traded price of $17.04, we’d like to see it retest $24.65 initially.


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By Kim Iskyan, Publisher, Porter & Co.

The CEO of America’s largest financial research firm just issued an urgent warning.

An unprecedented political event is about to occur and I believe it will send shockwaves ripping through the financial markets and threaten every dollar you have invested,” he says.

Porter Stansberry’s research is followed by Americans from all walks of life including NASA scientists, hedge fund managers, venture capitalists, billionaires, private equity managers, bank Presidents, and private wealth managers.

He’s now publicly sharing what he’s been privately warning his closest friends and family about for months – a shocking (and terrifying) crisis he calls America’s Last Election.

Yet he says most people will ignore him.

“I know most people will bury their heads in the sand. They’ll say this can’t happen here, not in America. But they’re wrong. It’s already happening. And I can prove it.”

Stansberry is best known for predicting the 2008 financial crisis; the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; the implosion of General Motors and General Electric; and how America’s inflation would lead to violent riots, protests, and decline of civil society.

But today, he is now urging you to make these simple money moves ahead of what he says could be the greatest threat America has ever faced – an unprecedented political event that will define the 2024 election.

Tucker Carlson says it’s “a recipe for social collapse.”

Elon Musk says “is the biggest corruption of American democracy in the 21st century.”

And Robert F. Kennedy Junior, a lifelong liberal, says this is “the biggest national security threat to our country.”


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