How to Trade the Potential for $100,000 Bitcoin – 3/26

Bitcoin is up again.

Last checked, it’s up by $2,056 to $69,261.70 thanks to the upcoming BTC halving event on April 20, high demand for Bitcoin ETF, and the fear of missing out.

From here, it could see $100,000 by September, says Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki. He foresees a potential surge in Bitcoin’s value, projecting it to reach an impressive $100,000 by September 2024. His outlook aligns with the sentiment of other notable figures like Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, who advocates for Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation and depreciating fiat currencies,” as quoted by

If that’s the case, investors may want to invest in BTC mining stocks, and companies with big exposure to BTC, such as:

Company: Marathon Digital (MARA)

Beaten down mining stocks, like Marathon Digital (MARA) are just starting to pivot higher. After finding support at $18, MARA is now up to $22.16, and could run back to $34 depending on BTC. Helping, analysts at Bernstein just raised their price target to $23.

As noted by, The firm says the top 3 U.S. listed miners today control 10% of total network hash power, with a combined market cap of $13B. With a new bitcoin “bull cycle,” strong exchange traded funds inflows, aggressive miner capacity expansion, and all-time-high miner revenues, the bitcoin miners are “compelling buys for equity investors seeking exposure to the crypto cycle.”

The #1 stock of the new tech boom

IA coins

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Company: Coinbase Global (COIN)

Now up to $279, Coinbase Global could see higher highs. Helping, analysts at JP Morgan upgraded the COIN stock to Neutral from Underweight to reflect the surge in crypto prices over the last three months.

“Given the acceleration in recent days of flows into bitcoin ETFs and the significant price appreciation of bitcoin and now ethereum, we are returning to a Neutral rating on Coinbase as we see the higher cryptocurrency prices not only sustaining, but improving, activity levels and Coinbase’s earnings power as we look to 1Q24,” they noted.

Wow, Putin Just MAJORLY Screwed Up!


Vladimir Putin just made an idiotic mistake that will cost him dearly. It’s going to drain trillions of dollars out of Russia… and potentially make some AMERICANS rich.

What a bizarre story…

Company: MicroStrategy (MSTR)

Even at $1,739, MSTR is still attractive. All because the company currently holds 214,246 BTC as of March 19 at an average BTC buy price of $33,706. With that, the company now sits on a $14.7 billion Bitcoin fortune.


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