3 Top Stock Buybacks – Week of 1/21

Targeting stocks with recently announced buyback programs can be beneficial for investors. Buyback programs can be seen as a signal of confidence by the company’s management in the future prospects of the business. When a company announces a buyback program, it indicates that it believes its stock is undervalued and that it has excess cash available to repurchase shares, which can be interpreted as a positive sign for investors. Buybacks can also potentially increase the value of the remaining shares by reducing the total number of shares outstanding, which could lead to higher earnings per share and potentially higher stock prices.

Here are three stock buybacks for the week –

LQR House Inc. – SYM: LQR
Recent Price: $2.82
Buyback Action: The Board of Directors approved an additional $3 million share repurchase program, equal to around 42% of its market cap at announcement.
Description: LQR House Inc. provides digital marketing and brand development services for the alcoholic beverage business in the United States. Its primary business includes the development of limited batch spirit brands and marketing internal and external brands through an exclusive agreement with an e-commerce portal.

The AI Black Swan Event that Could Blindside Investors

louis n

If you’re worried that America is headed down a dark and dangerous path…I’ve got bad news for you. My name is Louis Navellier and my research shows we’re quickly approaching a “Black Swan” event. What’s upcoming could blindside millions of Americans…and usher in a period of change more jarring, more disruptive than any other period in human history. No area of the economy – no corner of society – will go untouched. Information is power, and it could be the difference between making money…and losing everything.

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Lennar Corporation – SYM: LEN
Recent Price: $149.64
Buyback Action: The Board of Directors announced that it had approved an additional $5 billion stock repurchase agreement. This represents around 12% of its market cap at announcement.
Description: Lennar Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, operates as a homebuilder primarily under the Lennar brand in the United States. It operates through Homebuilding East, Homebuilding Central, Homebuilding Texas, Homebuilding West, Financial Services, Multifamily, and Lennar Other segments. The company’s homebuilding operations include the construction and sale of single-family attached and detached homes, as well as the purchase, development, and sale of residential land; and development, construction, and management of multifamily rental properties. It also offers residential mortgage financing, title, insurance, and closing services for home buyers and others, as well as originates and sells securitization commercial mortgage loans. In addition, the company is involved in the fund investment activity. It primarily serves first-time, move-up, active adult, and luxury homebuyers. Lennar Corporation was founded in 1954 and is based in Miami, Florida.

Trump & Biden BOTH Eliminated?

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Commercial Metals Company – SYM: CMC
Recent Price: $50.14
Buyback Action: The Board of Directors announced that it had approved an additional $500 million stock repurchase agreement. This represents around 8% of its market cap at announcement.
Description: Commercial Metals Company manufactures, recycles, and fabricates steel and metal products, and related materials and services in the United States, Poland, China, and internationally. It operates through two segments, North America and Europe. The company processes and sells ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals to steel mills and foundries, aluminum sheet and ingot manufacturers, brass and bronze ingot makers, copper refineries and mills, secondary lead smelters, specialty steel mills, high temperature alloy manufacturers, and other consumers. It also manufactures and sells finished long steel products, including reinforcing bar, merchant bar, light structural, and other special sections, as well as semi-finished billets for rerolling and forging applications. In addition, the company provides fabricated rebar used to reinforce concrete primarily in the construction of commercial and non-commercial buildings, hospitals, convention centers, industrial plants, power plants, highways, bridges, arenas, stadiums, and dams; sells and rents construction-related products and equipment to concrete installers and other businesses; and manufactures and sells strength bars for the truck trailer industry, special bar steels for the energy market, and armor plates for military vehicles. Further, it manufactures rebars, merchant bars, and wire rods; and sells fabricated rebars, wire meshes, fabricated meshes, assembled rebar cages, and other fabricated rebar by-products to fabricators, manufacturers, distributors, and construction companies. The company was founded in 1915 and is headquartered in Irving, Texas.

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