3 Top Stock Buybacks – Week of 1/28

Targeting stocks with recently announced buyback programs can be beneficial for investors. Buyback programs can be seen as a signal of confidence by the company’s management in the future prospects of the business. When a company announces a buyback program, it indicates that it believes its stock is undervalued and that it has excess cash available to repurchase shares, which can be interpreted as a positive sign for investors. Buybacks can also potentially increase the value of the remaining shares by reducing the total number of shares outstanding, which could lead to higher earnings per share and potentially higher stock prices.

Here are three stock buybacks for the week –

Solid Power, Inc. – SYM: SLDP
Recent Price: $1.41
Buyback Action: The Board of Directors approved a new  $50 million share repurchase program, equal to around 23% of its market cap at announcement.
Description: Solid Power, Inc. develops solid state battery technologies for the electric vehicles (EV) and other markets in the United States. The company sell its sulfide-based solid electrolyte and to license its solid-state cell designs and manufacturing processes. It also produces and sells 0.2, 2, 20 ampere-hour (Ah), and EV cells.

The AI Black Swan Event that Could Blindside Investors

louis n

If you’re worried that America is headed down a dark and dangerous path…I’ve got bad news for you. Louis Navellier here and my research shows we’re quickly approaching a “Black Swan” event. What’s upcoming could blindside millions of Americans…and usher in a period of change more jarring, more disruptive than any other period in human history. No area of the economy – no corner of society – will go untouched. Information is power, and it could be the difference between making money…and losing everything.

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Adtalem Global Education Inc. – SYM: ATGE
Recent Price: $61.08
Buyback Action: The Board of Directors announced that it had approved a new $300 million stock repurchase agreement. This represents around 12% of its market cap at announcement.
Description: Adtalem Global Education Inc. provides workforce solutions worldwide. It operates through three segments, Chamberlain, Walden, and Medical and Veterinary. The Chamberlain segment offers degree and non-degree programs in the nursing and health professions postsecondary education industry. This segment operates Chamberlain University. The Walden segment offers online certificates, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, including nursing, education, counseling, business, psychology, public health, social work and human services, public administration and public policy, and criminal justice. This segment also operates Walden University. The Medical and Veterinary segment provides degree and non-degree programs in the medical and veterinary postsecondary education industry. This segment operates American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, Ross University School of Medicine, and Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. The company was formerly known as DeVry Education Group Inc. and changed its name to Adtalem Global Education Inc. in May 2017. Adtalem Global Education Inc. was incorporated in 1987 and is based in Chicago, Illinois.

The #1 Crypto of 2024
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teeka new

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State Street Corporation – SYM: STT
Recent Price: $73.92
Buyback Action: The Board of Directors announced that it had approved a new $5 billion stock repurchase agreement. This represents around 21% of its market cap at announcement.
Description: State Street Corporation, through its subsidiaries, provides a range of financial products and services to institutional investors worldwide. The company offers investment servicing products and services, including custody, accounting, regulatory reporting, investor, and performance and analytics; middle office products, such as IBOR, transaction management, loans, cash, derivatives and collateral, record keeping, and client reporting and investment analytics; foreign exchange, and brokerage and other trading services; securities finance and enhanced custody products; deposit and short-term investment facilities; loans and lease financing; investment manager and alternative investment manager operations outsourcing; performance, risk, and compliance analytics; and financial data management to support institutional investors. It also engages in the provision of portfolio management and risk analytics, as well as trading and post-trade settlement services with integrated compliance and managed data. In addition, the company offers investment management strategies and products, such as core and enhanced indexing, multi-asset strategies, active quantitative and fundamental active capabilities, and alternative investment strategies. Further, it provides services and solutions, including environmental, social, and governance investing; defined benefit and defined contribution; and global fiduciary solutions, as well as exchange-traded funds under the SPDR ETF brand. The company provides its products and services to mutual funds, collective investment funds and other investment pools, corporate and public retirement plans, insurance companies, foundations, endowments, and investment managers. State Street Corporation was founded in 1792 and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

HUGE BUY ALERT: Move Fast, Musk…

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Since 2018, Eric Wade’s investment recommendations have averaged 115%. But one investment he just discovered in Phoenix could blow them all away. It involves Elon Musk, Bill Gates, 32 government mandates, and an AI breakthrough… Not to mention a technology that could help you earn $30,000 a year outside the stock market.

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