3 Top Stock Buybacks – Week of 2/4

Targeting stocks with recently announced buyback programs can be beneficial for investors. Buyback programs can be seen as a signal of confidence by the company’s management in the future prospects of the business. When a company announces a buyback program, it indicates that it believes its stock is undervalued and that it has excess cash available to repurchase shares, which can be interpreted as a positive sign for investors. Buybacks can also potentially increase the value of the remaining shares by reducing the total number of shares outstanding, which could lead to higher earnings per share and potentially higher stock prices.

Here are three stock buybacks for the week –

Jianpu Technology Inc. – SYM: JT
Recent Price: $0.39
Buyback Action: The Board of Directors approved a new  $3 million share repurchase program, equal to around 37% of its market cap at announcement.
Description: Jianpu Technology Inc. operates a platform that provides online discovery and recommendation services for financial products in the People’s Republic of China. The company’s platform allows users to access to financial products, including loans, credit cards, insurance products, and other financial products.

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Match Group, Inc. – SYM: MTCH
Recent Price: $38.42
Buyback Action: The Board of Directors announced that it had approved a new $1 billion stock repurchase agreement. This represents around 9% of its market cap at announcement.
Description: Match Group, Inc. provides dating products worldwide. The company’s portfolio of brands includes Tinder, Match, The League, Azar, Meetic, OkCupid, Hinge, Pairs, PlentyOfFish, and Hakuna, as well as a various other brands. The company was incorporated in 1986 and is based in Dallas, Texas.

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DocGo Inc. – SYM: DCGO
Recent Price: $3.53
Buyback Action: The Board of Directors announced that it had approved a new $36 million stock repurchase agreement. This represents around 9% of its market cap at announcement.
Description: DocGo Inc. provides mobile health and medical transportation services for various health care providers in the United States and the United Kingdom. The company’s transportation services include emergency response services; and non-emergency transport services comprise ambulance and wheelchair transportation services. It also offers mobile health services through its platform that are performed at home and offices; testing; vaccinations; and event services, which include on-site healthcare support at sporting events and concerts. DocGo Inc. was incorporated in 2015 and is based in New York, New York.

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