3 Top Ways to Trade Flying Cars Today – 4/24

Flying cars will soon take to the skies.

Boeing (BA), for example, wants in on the market, with plans to launch flying cars in Asia by the time 2030 rolls around. XPeng subsidiary AeroHT will reportedly start taking orders for its flying cars by October, with plans to mass produce by 2025.

Even SpaceX backed Alef Aeronautics just said it received 2,850 orders for its $300,000 flying car – with a down payment of $150. 

Plus, the flying car market could be worth a massive $1.5 trillion market, even $2.9 trillion by 2040, according to Morgan Stanley. If successful, flying car stocks could soar.

Company: Joby Aviation (SYM: JOBY)

One of the top ways to trade the potential is with Joby Aviation (JOBY), an oversold company backed with a $400 investment from Toyota, and a $60 million investment from Delta Air. Earnings haven’t been too shabby either. In its fourth quarter, the company’s earnings per share loss of 17 cents beat by two cents. Revenue of $1.03 million beat by $300,000.

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Company: Archer Aviation (SYM: ACHR)

We can also look at Archer Aviation (ACHR), another oversold flying car stock with a big investment from Stellantis (STLA).

STLA just raised its stake in ACHR by $15.6 million, and will reportedly “absorb the vast majority of the capital expenditures and working capital requirements to manufacture its aircraft at scale. I believe that we are the only eVTOL company in the world to announce a relationship like this with a top automotive manufacturer, and this gives us significant cash flow advantages,” as noted by Archer CEO Adam Goldstein.

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Or, you can always diversify at a lower cost with an ETF.

ETF: First Trust Nasdaq Transportation ETF (SYM: FTXR)

While there aren’t any focused on flying cars just yet, we can look at the First Trust Nasdaq Transportation ETF (FTXR). With an expense ratio of 0.60%, the ETF is greatly exposed to U.S. companies in the transportation industry, including General Motors, Ford, CSX Corp., American Airlines, and Delta Air Lines.

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