An Opportunity in Lithium Stocks – 3/22

Crisis is creating opportunity in oversold lithium stocks.

After a devastating pullback in the sector, lithium prices are likely to push higher again because the supply-demand situation won’t improve any time soon.

According to SQM, it’s “confident that the boom in electric vehicle (EV) sales will be a crucial driver of global demand for the soft white metal. Electric vehicle sales worldwide are expected to rise by around 30% this year, while lithium demand will increase 20%, the company forecast in its 1H23 results report,” as noted by

Also, the supply-demand issue is only expected to get worse. According to CNBC, “The world could face a shortage for lithium as demand for the metal ramps up, with some analysts forecasting that it could come as soon as 2025.”

BMI, a Fitch Solutions research unit, was among those that predict a lithium supply deficit by 2025. In a recently published report, BMI largely attributed the deficit to China’s lithium demand exceeding that of its supply, they added.

Also, by the end of 2025, some analysts say we could see a deficit of 40,000 to 60,000 tonnes by 2025, and a wider deficit of about 768,000 by 2030.

For those reasons, recent weakness is an opportunity to buy oversold lithium stocks and ETFs. In fact, take a look at these three “cheaper” funds.

Company: Global X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF (LIT)

With an expense ratio of 0.75%, the ETF invests in the complete lithium cycle. Everything from mining and refining the metal through battery production. Some of its top holdings include Albemarle, TDK, Panasonic, BYD, and Tesla.

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Company: Sprott Lithium Miners ETF (LITP)

Even the Sprott Lithium Miners ETF is oversold at support dating back to March. With an expense ratio of 0.65%, the ETF provides exposure to lithium mining companies, such as Pilbara Minerals, Albemarle, Livent Corp., Sigma Lithium, Lithium Americas, and Core Lithium to name a few of the top ones.

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Company: Amplify Lithium & Battery Technology ETF (BATT)

With an expense ratio of 0.59%, the BATT ETF provides exposure to global companies deriving material revenue from developing, producing, and using lithium battery technology. Some of its top holdings include Tesla, Albemarle, Sociedad Quimica, and Panasonic.

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